Every time I walk into a seller’s house I hand them a white folder that gives them information about my investing company. It includes a welcome letter, an“about us” letter, and tons of testimonials.

And I know these testimonials have helped me close deals, when at first a seller was not sure about working with me. In fact, one time, a seller called one of my testimonials and the person gave me such a great reference, that this seller immediately signed the paperwork the next day.

Now, judging by the title of this article, you can tell where I’m going with this.

As real estate investors, we always need to realize that we’re in the marketing business and we need to constantly study what’s working best and what’s going to be “the marketing of the future.”

And… that is video testimonials from sellers. I’m sure you’ve seen testimonials for “gurus” and other products, so what you need to do is simply copy these product testimonials and do the same thing in your own business.

Buy a cheap Flip camcorder (mine cost me $150) and take it with you on your next deal. One you’ve closed the deal and the sellers are happy, ask them if they would mind giving you a quick testimonial on video.

Explain it like this…

Tell them that you show this to other homeowners and this is a new way that helps your company work with more people and to show them that your company is an honest business.

If you do this right at closing, before they can forget about you, almost everyone will say yes.

And just think how good it’s going to feel when you’re in the next skeptical homeowner’s house and you take out your video camera and show them glowing testimonials from other people you’ve helped, just like them.

Another great idea (which I haven’t done yet) is to put those testimonials on your website.

But even if you don’t put them on your website, definitely start asking every seller to do this and then show the videos to potential sellers you work with. This will separate you from your competition and could help you close a lot more deals this year.

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