WhatToWearWe all have learned to not judge a book by its cover; however, people make snap decisions based on your outward appearance and clothes all the time. While there are many reasons a mobile home seller may not choose to do business with you, do not let your wardrobe choices be one of these reasons.

Disclaimer: The below advice is based solely on a decade-plus working with mobile home sellers and buyers one-on-one. There are no right or wrong choices about clothing, only choices that may help or harm your business. You are free to wear any attire you desire.

Slightly Business-Casual

Let’s cut to the chase. Business casual is the way to go. Aim to look respectful and comfortable. Clean jeans or slacks with a polo shirt will do nicely.

If we want our clothing to convey one message or feeling to our buyers and sellers, our clothing and demeanor should put people at ease. Many mobile home owners are blue-collar and white-collar workers. Dressing in an extremely relaxed or an overly fancy outfit may give a seller concerns about trusting or working with you moving forward. You want to be on equal ground with every seller and not have one person’s outfit outshining another.

Purchasing Using All Cash

When purchasing a mobile home using your cash or other people’s money, it may be of importance to build trust and understanding with these sellers. Trust can help build honest discussions about a seller’s true motivation and needs in order to move quickly. With an outfit that puts the seller at ease, this is one less barrier between you and the seller. This connection is key to forming win-win purchase and sale agreements.

Purchasing Via Owner Financing From Your Seller

The importance of building trust and professionalism is of obvious importance when asking your sellers to make payments for the equity of their mobile home. If you are dressed like a prom king, thug, or slob, you may be subconsciously building a wall between yourself and the seller.

Perception of Investors

Some sellers may be jaded towards investors and therefore naturally on defense when around you. It is our job to put these sellers and buyers at ease moving forward. We can do this by being honest, treating sellers with respect, and educating sellers as to their winning possibilities moving forward. We not only accomplish this goal through our actions, tones, mannerisms, and words; we also can convey that we are humble, approachable, and likeable by dressing in a comfortable and business casual style.

Pro Tip: Consider ordering custom-made polo shirts with your company logo and “We Buy Mobile Homes” verbiage.


Cheesy, yes. True, absolutely. Confidence is one of the most powerful outfits you can wear daily. A considerable percentage of sellers in almost every market may become confused and unsure with regard to why their mobile home is not selling or being viewed. A confident and educated investor can clearly educate the seller to the current local real estate climate. From this point you may naturally make win-win offers to purchase the seller’s mobile home as well as suggest other possible solutions the sellers may consider.

Imagine you are a seller. Would you rather take advice from an investor who is confident and can speak clearly or an investor who is unsure and confused?


Before meeting with sellers or buyers, visualize the possible scenarios of what may happen during this call or appointment. If you lack experience or knowledge, reach out to experienced investors locally for advice and consultation moving forward. While it is not important to know all the answers*, it is important to understand the process moving forward after a buyer or seller agrees to your prices and terms. Instill confidence in others by providing clarity to the folks we help.

*I mentioned that it is not important to know all of the answers to all possible questions. What is important is to have mentors and experienced investors in place you may call to answer these questions when they come up.

Items to Keep With You

While these items are not technically a part of your wardrobe, they may be valuable from time to time while in the field. Keep in your vehicle a flashlight, tape measure, screwdriver, blank closing contracts, note pad, duct tape, dog bones, and hand sanitizing wipes.

In conclusion, wear what makes you and your sellers feel most comfortable. Your wardrobe the day you meet with the sellers or buyers will likely not make or break any deal by itself, but a great first impression can’t hurt. When sellers and buyers see how much you care and wish to help them, they have a tendency to forget minor details such as what shoes you are wearing. Continue taking daily action and reaching out to help new and old sellers locally.

Love what you do daily,
John Fedro

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