When you finally get that first phone call from a motivated seller, it is not uncommon that your nerves are in a panicky state. Being nervous in the beginning is all part of the game. There is a need for people to feel in control and if you’re just starting out it is evident that you may not know how to answer certain questions or what to do next.

I can definitely relate to being unsure of myself and really not wanting to answer the phone. The solution to getting more comfortable is taking more calls. In the beginning you need to be on the phone with prospects several times a day. If you have a passion for the business then familiarity will come in time and in order to get the experience you need as fast as you want it, you have to become accessible to your potential clientele. Its okay if you are unsure about certain things; and its okay to even wing it or come back to your prospect with more accurate answers.

The SECRET that got me from sitting and looking at the phone to actually picking it up and making phone calls was realizing if I continued to stare at the phone all day I would not make one red cent. No, not even a dime and since financial freedom and a piece of mind was what I was aiming for then I had to become more of a go-getter and initiative taker.

Yes, just getting involved in this type of business may be considered to have you in the same boat as a “go-getter”, but you just don’t want to go and never get. You can’t just stop there. It’s Althea’s golden rule! There are enormous differences from a go-getter versus a Mover and a Shaker and that’s what I was aiming from. I didn’t have hopes of being just Ordinary, my goals and dreams were calling for Extraordinary.

An Extraordinary dream calls for an extraordinary focus; you MUST be focused on getting your voice heard in front of as many prospects as possible. Sure at first your nerves may get to you, but many times most are amazed at what they can do. Best yet, the more times you put yourself in front of people via in person, phone, or email the more comfortable you will become. The faster you build your confidence by being proactive with your communication with prospects is the sooner you can count on becoming a Pro, and afterall, isn’t that what you want?

If your thinking you may mess up or not do such a great job, it’s okay to feel that way and since that is the worse case scenario, what do you really have to lose??? Let me tell you what; NOTHING! You can only gain experience from speaking to your prospects for you this is a Plus. Stop waiting for the phone to ring and start calling your prospects and setting up appointments, because in this business you can forget making any money unless you have both feet in.

Remember, this is all a learning experience, so NEVER lose your posture. You’re the CEO and student at the same time, but most importantly you decide your fate in the business. The miracle cure is believing in yourself and not being afraid to mess up; and most importantly contacting your prospects whether your feeling queasy in your stomach or not. As the Nike motto has been for years, “Just Do it”!

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