There are many people that have sat in so many expensive seminars, purchased the thousand dollar training courses, and attended the 3 Day Boot Camps all to no avail. Too many people have wasted too much time and money in an attempt of living out the dream of becoming wealthy. ONE major problem is that they have acquired the “information overload” syndrome.

These people are all about perfection and want to make sure they have Everything remembered down too the tee before they take action and get their feet wet in the business. You know who I am talking about, don’t you? The people that want to ensure themselves that they can answer every possible question a prospect may have. Unfortunately, in this business you have to get out there in confidence and have fate in what you’ve learned thus far. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never know everything and when you think you finally do the game keeps changing. The one thing that you can be certain of is that the more times you gain posture and stand up tall for the challenge, the easier the process becomes.

It’s all a learning experience and the type of knowledge that is required to be gained is not just from the books; it’s from being hands on. The least amount of time you spend evaluating and making offers on properties is the least amount of money you make, bottom-line.

One of the chief reasons people have a hard time advancing towards their very first deals and making repeat deals are because deep down inside, they DO NOT feel comfortable nor credible dealing with homeowners. Folks, it is so important not to ever lose POSTURE. Plain and simple, if you do not believe in yourself why should anyone else? Your not the first to start from scratch it’s been done a million times over, but it’s up to you to dig deep down and BOOST Your Confidence from within! You would be surprised of the momentum that is attracted by you just believing in yourself. That one simple task will assist in giving you flawless Posture, a whirlwind of hope and countless closed deals!

Now that the pep talk is done. Let me take a moment to encourage the discouraged and affirm with the already highly motivated: The ball lye’s in your court but if you don’t “play the game” don’t expect to make the homerun…

The following are some major techniques that will assist in boosting your confidence, while simultaneously and consistently building the trust of your PRO$PECTS:

  • Having faith with yourself and gaining momentum
  • Role Play, Role Play, Role Play (no excuses you have a mirror!) p.s. It is Ok if you mess up. You’re HUMAN! Don’t use that as an excuse not to move forward with gaining prospects.
  • Having an online Website or Squeeze Page to Capture you’re Leads
  • Having a 24/7 Professional Answering Service or Virtual Phone System
  • Having Professional and Legal Real Estate Contracts
  • Having Good Marketing Outlets (Solution???: Try an Online Auction)

Building trust is Essential in this business if you ever want to create profits and generate wealth. If your prospects do not believe in you they will never become a client. Bottomline, you need clients to make money, otherwise, your dead broke. Start building credibility now!

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