Bandit signs are still one of the top three ways to find motivated sellers. The other two, in my opinion, are direct mail and flyers. However, bandit signs continue to get a bad rap and not enough people use them. One of the reasons, is that folks don’t know the best way to implement a bandit sign marketing plan.

For example, sometimes I’ll be driving on a side road and I’ll see a bandit sign posted in the ground. This makes no sense to me and the person might as well not put up a sign at all. What you need to do is sit down with a map, or get on the computer and pin point all of the major intersections in the location you’re targeting, along with all of the major highway entrances and exits.

Plus, all of the signs should be at locations where a person is stopped, such as a stop light or a stop sign. Don’t put signs on a 65 mile an hour highway, because people will blow right past it. Once you’ve mapped out where all of your bandit signs are going to go, then it’s time to put them out.

But how do you do this?

Personally, I hire someone to do it for me. I used to put up my own signs, but, as I’m sure you’re aware, it’s not a fun task. I found my person through my local REIA meeting, but I’m sure you could hire someone off of Craigslist. Just make sure other people have used them and then drive the route you laid out for them, to make sure they put up the signs.

Now let me answer some objections, I’m sure you’re thinking of. Yes, in many locations bandit signs are illegal and you could get fined. It’s never happened to me and I don’t worry about. Put your signs up on a Friday night, and take them down on Sunday nights if you’re that worried about it. (I just put my signs up on Friday and leave them).

In fact, the only person who has ever called me off my signs was a competitor pretending to be some kind of code enforcement, but it was obvious the person was a fake and nothing happened from it.

Another question you might be wondering is what to put on the sign, right?

Well, make it simple. Something like Fast Cash For Your House. Also, it’s better to use a local telephone number on your sign than an 800 number. People want to work with a local company and not some big, nameless corporation. An easy way to get a local number is through a company such as

The color I use for my signs is black on yellow. I believe that’s the best color combination to make it stand out and also easy to read at the same time. I also use the wooden stakes which you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot.

I realize that bandit signs are not the simplest or easiest marketing method to implement. But, remember, those who do the more difficult marketing tasks are the ones who make the most money and become the most successful.

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