11-20-13 - no moneyStarting a new business  isn’t always easy, but with the right attitude, and not wanting to make a million in the first year, you can comfortably start a new business. In fact you can start  one without spending more than a few dollars. I’ll give you a quick and brief overview to get you started.

Six Steps to Starting a Business with Zero Funds
1.    I would run the business from my home or apartment or even a room…whatever, don’t waste your money on office space, meet your clients in a coffee shop.
2.    Take a small  portion of  funds and put it toward a good website,  people have to  find you, if they can’t find you, you can’t make                    money.  Or learn to build your own website.
3.    Get business cards and don’t spend a lot of money getting them made, you can get 250 cards for free from Vistaprint.
4.    Next I would find a mentor ( at no cost).  Start to network at Business after Five events with various Chambers of Commerce.  Look           for Meetup groups in your area that have your customers attending and market, market, and….more  marketing to these folks.
5.    Ask your friends and family if they know anyone who needs you service or product. It’ll take up to 5 years to get your business to a         place where you start to make enough money to live off of.
6.    I suggest to all new businesses, that while they build their business they also get a part time job.
You don’t want to  starve while you’re building your business from scratch and you need to pay your bills. You can’t think straight if you don’t have enough money to pay bills, rent and food.
Good Luck, it’s not easy to start from scratch, but it’s exciting!!

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