Use Classified Property Wanted Ads to Find Properties

I’ve been pretty successful over the years using classified property wanted ads to find non-advertised properties to buy.  Most people call me because they don’t have the time, desire or money to market their properties themselves.  Or they don’t want the hassle of listing their property with a real estate broker.  Sure, I’ve received more than my fair share of calls from flakes, loonies and other assorted crazies.  But I’ve been willing to put up with the hassle and inconvenience because I’ve usually found the type of property that I was looking for.

How to Write a Classified Property Wanted Ad

When writing your classified property wanted ad, use as few words as possible to get your message across.  Nowadays, most papers have a four-line minimum with each line consisting of no more than twenty-six characters.  To keep your ad right at three lines, write it out on graph paper that comes already divided into small squares. This way, you won’t have to waste time dilly-dallying around trying to layout your ad.

The Best Place to List Your Property Wanted Ad

To ensure you get the best possible response from your classified property wanted ad, place it in the classified real estate section under various headings such as:

  • Rental property wanted
  • Income property wanted
  • Investment property wanted
  • Property wanted
  • Real estate wanted

When to Run Your Property Wanted Ad

When’s the best time to run your classified property wanted ad?  You’ll have to experiment by running your ad on various days in order to find out what works best in your area.  For example, in Tampa, when I run one of my property wanted ads, it’s usually only in the Sunday edition of The Tampa Tribune.  Why do I run my ad only on Sunday?  Because I’ve found that I get pretty much the same response whether I run the same ad for thirty consecutive days or just on Sundays. Plus, I save a small fortune in advertising costs. The kind of response that you’ll get from your classified property wanted ad depends upon four things:

  1. How well your ad is written.
  2. The classified heading under which it’s placed.
  3. The size of the paper’s circulation.
  4. What you say in your ad.

Test Run Your Property Wanted Ad to See Which Ad Pulls the Best Response

I highly recommend that you test run the same property wanted ad for four consecutive weeks, and then change or tweak the ad copy, and run it another four weeks to see what variation of the ad pulls the best response.

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