I had bought my first apartment building in Chicago in 1982.

The closing, the finalization of making my first commercial purchase, was scheduled, and reality had slowly sank in.

I would soon be the owner of an apartment building.

But guess what?

I didn’t attend the closing. Nope.

I had previously bought a home in Pittsburgh as my private residence and had attended that closing. That investment hadn’t worked out and after I moved back to Chicago, I decided never to attend closings.

My first investment worked out so well, in fact, I quickly felt I was ready for my second building.

I even got fired one time, when I should have been at a closing.

I had a closing on a property that was scheduled for ten in the morning on the 28th of December early in my investing career.

As noted previously, I don’t attend closings.

At ten o’clock, just when the closing had begun, my boss called me into the conference room. My services were no longer viewed as useful. I’d be kept on until the end of February, in light of my past contributions to the organization. After that, I would have to clean out my office and go.

Following the conference, my attorney called to congratulate me on my new acquisition.

I had mixed feelings, having just been fired – naturally.

My superstition must have some basis, because every subsequent investment has done well for me and I did not attend either of those closings as well.

Just something to think about….

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