I was watching PBS the other night on the couch with a bag of my fav potato chips (sweet maui onion). What I heard this guy say has probably changed my life for the rest of my life. He talked about how busy he was working and setting big goals when in actuality he was getting very little accomplished. What he got done was setting goals of being busy. Sound familiar? Ouch, huh?

One of his mentors saw what he was doing and suggested the following. Suppose you got 2 phone calls. The first said you just inherited $20 million dollars with no strings attached. The second said that you have been diagnosed with an incurable disease and you have 10 years to live. Of course you would DO things differently moving forward, but the question that the mentor asked was this: $20M in the bank. 10 years to live. What would you STOP doing today?  Hmmm…that made me think. What an interesting question. What would I stop doing knowing I had only 10 years left to live and money was no obstacle. Doesn’t that make you think a bit? It surely makes me.

So, let’s put a different spin on this okay? Say a super-mega rich philanthropist gave you $20M to spend on real estate for the next 10 months with no strings attached. You can invest it anyway you desire. AND after 10 months, you have to return the $20M for the next lucky person, BUT you get to keep anything and everything over and worth beyond the $20M. If you invested smartly for those 10 months and increased your portfolio value to $30M, you get to keep the profit of $10M. A sweet deal wouldn’t you say?

So, what would you invest in for the next 10 months to assure that you have not only preserved the original investment of $20M (for the next person), but that it has grown over and beyond the $20M? Ten months is not a long time if you think about it. You are going to have to make some decisions rather quickly in the next month or so such as: type of investment, where to invest, how secure is it, how much to invest in each project, who’s helping me, and can I get it done in 10 months.

Doesn’t this give you a heighened sense of urgency? Doesn’t it make you look for opportunities right now? Doesn’t it make you an instant student of the investment game right now? So, the question of the day comes to the surface again: WHAT WOULD YOU STOP DOING TODAY? There’s no way you could effectively and brilliantly invest $20M today doing the same “busy” things you are doing right now. Something’s gotta give. You’re gonna have to stop doin’ stuff and get down to the highest priorities.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we should be approaching life’s opportunities today. Yesterday is behind you. Tomorrow is not promised. But we have TODAY to make a difference. Today. This day. Mark it on your calendars.

The real estate market we are in is in shambles, but it is by far the best real estate investing market in the world. Many millionaires were made the last 10 years. And most of those millions have vanished seemingly in thin air. It’s time again to make millions if you’re brave enough. Are you? Are you willing? I am. Let’s join forces. Getting wealthy together is more fun. We are at the bottom of the market or close to it. Let’s rise together. Join the few. Join the courageous.

So, here’s your $20M in cash. You got 10 months to design the life you want. Go for it.

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