Today is the first day of spring…and for most of us who are “thawing out ” from a long and cold winter…the blooming trees, colorful flowers and warm weather have brightened our world and lifted our spirits. We are reminded that we all must endure the challenges of the various seasons in our lives…but there is always a better day just around the corner.

Napoleon Hill talks about the necessity of developing and maintaining a positive mental attitude. Here is a favorite quote, “Individuals with a positive mental attitude are never found in a rut“. Our attitude and our outlook will determine our results regardless of the challenges we face.

Real estate entrepreneurs are creative “out of the box” thinkers who understand that challenges are a part of the journey. It is up to each of us to choose to move forward, creating our success. Our attitude will determine if we are on the road to achieving our goals or stuck in the rut of doubt and fear.

Tyler G. Hicks, in his book How To Make Big Money in Real Estate, opens with this statement.

“Times are tough in real estate” is a remark you are likely to hear again and again these days. Or “Money is tighter than it use to be.”  But don’t believe everything you hear!

Surviving in today’s real estate market is challenging and requires planning, determination and the ability to stay in the game.  Sure property values may have declined, foreclosures may be at an all time high and financing may be tougher to secure, but the fact remains that real estate as a long term investment has proven to be the best investment over time.

As real estate entrepreneurs our success will be determined by our attitude.  We need to be looking for possibilities and not problems and finding ways to make things work.

1.  Take a fresh look at your past investing strategies and determine where you are now and where you want to be in six months or twelve months.

2. Become an expert in one strategy and focus on being successful in that area.

3. Create a mastermind team.  Set goals.  Monitor your progress.

4. Create a business plan that reflects your current investing strategies.

5. Work with an experienced mentor who can offer guidance as you focus on your goals.

6. Think from the end. Determine what you want to achieve from your real estate investing and create your plan to get there.

The world of real estate investing is always challenging.  In the end our success or failure will depend on our ability to sift through the negative thoughts, to be flexible and  our desire to find a way that works. The economy does not have to put you in a rut.   Put your positive mental attitude to work for you.

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