Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, what is it that I’m not doing correctly or completely in order to achieve my success as  RE Investor?

On many occasions, I have found myself in that position, and I have come to realize the one thing that has kept me from achieving that success.. Human Intervention/Relationships. As a RE Investor you often find yourself deep in paper shuffle, crunching numbers, trying to meet deadlines and negotiating offers.  This everyday scenic routine, almost always leads to something missing in finalizing the deal.

Here it is…Building relationships with your sellers, buyers and everyone in between. When you can allow yourself to build relationships and have human intervention in your deals, you will see a much higher success within your RE Investment Ventures. The key to this is allowing yourself to stop talking  and just listen. Listen to what the seller and buyer are saying and introducing to you within the conversation. By listening with both your eyes and your ears, you will achieve this human intervention of success, meet everyone’s goal within the structured deal and in turn increase your RE Investment opportunities at all levels. This is what we consider a “WIN-WIN” situation.

As you continue to grow your RE Investing Opportunities remember to also  further educate yourself and be passionate about what it is you are trying to accomplish with all parties involved. Remember…When you can take your eyes off yourself and focus on the human relationships, you will SUCCEED!

God Speed

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