real estate invseting con artistIt happened in Florida, in 1925. Where one of the all-time best con artists pulled one of his most extraordinary swindles. It defies belief that “The Count,” could sell a black box that would “produce” money…and sell it for $300,000 in today’s dollars ($30,000 at that time).

Not only that, but his “money-box” customers were conservative, intelligent business men who were actually SOBER! The stage was set when a shiny black limo let him off at one of the snazziest Palm Beach hotels.

The next step was the elegant Japanese chauffer who carried his bags. Then came the diamond studded cane, the stream of telegrams,
the debonair attitude, the central-casting good looks (tall, dark, and handsome), the rumors that Count Victor Lustig came from old money, and one of the wealthiest families in Europe.

And the truth?

Every detail—right down to the diamond on the cane—was fake…phony…window dressing.

Victor Lustig was right up there (maybe even better), than Frank Abagnale, the lovable character played by Leonard DiCaprio in the
recent movie, Catch Me If You Can.

And the point?

That as much fun as it is to watch these guys in action, and the cojones it takes to live “the life”…

There was a heck of a lot of fear…and the constant desperation and being, “on the lamb.”

Just ask Victor Lustig’s daughter, who tells the story of not being surprised to be pulled out of bed…again…in the middle of the night
and running for the car and another home and school (it’s in the Kindle book, From Paris to Alcatraz, on Amazon for $3.43).

At the opposite end of the spectrum…

real esate investing scam alertBe prepared for “farmland glitz,” if you’re coming to Discovery Day at the end of April or signed up to take any of those popular property buying tours set up just for investors. Get ready for the “golden egg”, “last opportunity to get in”, etc…

Get ready for the hidden beauty of “flat.”

Where there are more (successful) tortoises than heart-attack “hares.”

Set your sites on the LOW adrenaline levels that come with stable investments, steady returns, disbursement check that arrive like clockwork.

If you want a roller coaster, play the stock market…this isn’t for you.

And by the way, did you know that Frank Abagnale (Catch Me If You Can) is actually a millionaire today? He served 5 years and now
runs a security business and is a consultant to the FBI.

It’s the same with any “con man.” They’d have been MORE successful in almost any line of work they decided to pursue… IF…they’d applied the same hard work, study, attention to detail, thought, passion, and research.

There’s really no magic in commercial real estate investing, either.

Hard work, research, 20+ years of experience, attention to detail, staying in one place and not falling for the “grass is greener.” Delivering steady, boring, consistent returns (even in this roller-coaster economy)


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