Real estate if purchased well continues to be the single best investment one can make – Most Americans have their wealth in real estate — AND without a healthy real estate market we will not have a healthy economy  If it is going to continue to be the locomotive that pulls the economic train in the U.S. and the wealth generator for investors, owners, property managers, lender, and all the other players involved in a real estate transaction, then we need to change the discourse in this country.  Remember, “It’s the economy, stupid” — the phrase in American politics widely used during Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H. W. Bush. For America to regain its prominence and rebuild for today — and position us for the future — we must DEMAND from our media, our elected officials and the profits and nonprofits that represent their interests to change the discourse to, “It’s the Energy, Stupid.” 

ENERGY and a focus on ENERGY is the only way to ensure our best days as a country are today! — and ahead.  We MUST DEMAND that Energy be the focus in 2012 – ENERGY not birth certificates, ENERGY not matters of personal choice, ENERGY not who can pray and where they can pray and who can love and how they can love – Politicians who want to talk about these things – TUNE THEM OUT, Media, cut them off and call them out, nonprofits, don’t support them in elections just because you can.

Hard times demand hard choices, and we need to make the tough choices our country has so easily disregarded since in the 1970’s (read the April the 18th, 1977, speech by President Jimmy Carter). A snippet of his speech:  “We simply must balance our demand for energy with our rapidly shrinking resources. By acting now, we can control our future instead of letting the future control us.  The most important thing about these proposals is that the alternative may be a national catastrophe. Further delay can affect our strength and our power as a nation.”

This Presidential election – and God willing it will be the last – MUST be all about Energy — not Oil, Energy – Not Gas, Energy – Wind, Solar, Biomass, Geothermal, and Hydro, that’s energy — unfortunately, because we did not heeds the words of President Carter, we call them alternative energy when they should be our main sources of energy, but its never too late.

Back then, we didn’t act – we didn’t act because to do so would have been “unpatriotic, anti-American, and essentially wrong.” DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?  Carter again: “The year 1977 is a turning point for America. If we didn’t make clear and rapid progress, we would face painful times ahead. The Saudis would have their fingers around our necks. We’d face war in the Middle East to secure future oil supplies. Now we have a choice. But if we wait, we will live in fear of embargoes. We could endanger our freedom as a sovereign nation to act in foreign affairs.

So, what did we do… we chose to neglect the intelligent argument, to go against science and turn a blind eye to our environment and the people who bravely serve this country at home and abroad. SOUND FAMILIAR?   Carter: “We will have a crash program to build more nuclear plants, strip-mine and burn more coal, and drill more offshore wells than we will need if we begin to conserve now. Inflation will soar, production will go down, people will lose their jobs. Intense competition will build up among nations and among the different regions within our own country. If we fail to act soon, we will face an economic, social and political crisis that will threaten our free institutions.”

What is Insanity? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Our nation is “Insane.” Let’s break the insanity chain first with Energy and DEMAND from our media, our elected officials and the profits and nonprofits that represent their interests to change the discourse to, “It’s the Energy, Stupid.” 

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