In what may be the best news for real estate investors and all those involved in the industry, the U.S. Labor Department announced on May 7, 2010 that 290,000 jobs were added in March, 2010 the largest number of jobs added to the labor force since March 2006.

Couple that with the same day news that The SFN Group Employee Confidence Index rose by 3.9 points to 53.1 in April. The Index, which measures workers’ confidence in their personal employment situation and optimism in the economic environment, reveals an increase in workers’ personal confidence in the future of their current employer and in their ability to find a new job. Even more good news came from confidence in macroeconomic environment:

— Thirty-one percent of U.S. workers believe the economy is getting stronger, up seven percentage points from March.

— Sixty percent of workers surveyed believe there are fewer jobs available, decreasing three percentage points from the previous month.

— Forty-two percent of workers are confident in their ability to find a new job compared to 36 percent in March.

— The percentage of workers reporting confidence in the future of their current employers increased by eight percentage points to 68 percent.

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