Curb appeal is the magic marketing tool that works twenty four hours a day while you are busy working miracles and making money with bargain properties.

It is important to begin designing your marketing plan from the day you decide to make an offer on the property…starting with your curb appeal plan.

I teach my students about that curb appeal is one of the top priorities on my rehab list. Many of the properties I purchase have been on the market so long that they make stale bread seem fresh.

We have to realize that bargain properties are a “bargain” because there has been little to no interest in the property in its current run down condition. It is our job to create “instant interest” by making a dramatic change to the property’s exterior appearance.

We want to make people’s heads turn as they drive down the street. We want neighbors talking about what is happening with the eyesore in the neighborhood. We want to create magic marketing by having people focus on a positive view of the house that begins by creating curb appeal.

By planting these small seeds, we can cultivate interest. Then in a few weeks, when the rehab is finished, people have a developed a renewed excitement about the property, see it as new and fresh and are actively marketing it with friends and neighbors.

Many of the bargain properties I have purchased have been dismissed by potential buyers simply because they could not see past the over grown shrubs, tall grass and unattractive exterior to discover the hidden potential of a property that will reward their efforts with a nice profit after it had been remodeled.

Curb appeal is the part of a rehab that” reaches out and touches the buyer” before they ever step out of the car.  Buyers need a reason to want to see your home… and it all starts with their first impression.

Remember…people buy houses based on the way they “feel”. Our job as the seller is to create “positive emotional energy” that directly appeals to the buyer’s senses.

Magic marketing works for all types properties and buyers… wholesale, retail, lease option, and rental tenants also.

Here’s a few quick tips guaranteed to get you working miracles and making money with bargain properties.

· Create a series of “Wow’s” that begin at the curb and invite the buyer to the house. Every “wow” increases the buyer’s interest in purchasing the property.

· Keep designs simple

· Remove debris, clean yard, trim shrubs, etc.

· Create an attractive walkway and entrance.

· Install a new entrance door , shutters, flower boxes

· Remove old curtains, blinds etc. from the windows

· Use “Instant” shrubs and colorful flowers can be quickly added in their pots and covered with mulch for quick landscaping.

P.S. Always take time to do a complete assessment of each property before you decide to purchase.

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