As I continue to write articles from my book/training manual. Keep in mind that you can only become successful in the RE investing market if you act upon the information being taught.

Recap; Marketing Houses Wholesale

  1. Find a good deal and tie it up.
  2. Check the Title
  3. Run the ad: Handyman Special, Cheap Cash, (Your Phone Number)
  4. Build a buyers list while selling houses.
  5. Get contract and binder from buyer.
  6. Give both contracts to your closing agent then get the time and date for closing. Make sure to discuss the whole process with the closer to make sure they know what’s going to take place.

Note: The two main things to remember when filling out your contract are: A. Your Name and /or Assign and B. Your “Subject To Clause”. These two
things must be in every contract you put together no matter what! These provisions are for your protection and are used in the Assigning Process so  you are able to flip your contract

10 Most Common Mistakes:

  1. Buying in wrong area.
  2. Paying too much.
  3. Working with the wrong agents.
  4. Worrying too much about repair costs.
  5. Letting lack of money stop you from making offers.
  6. Not pre-qualifying prospects.
  7. Not making enough offers.
  8. No follow up system.
  9. Not building a buyers list.

10. Not learning other areas of the RE business.

Five Things In Mastering Wholesaling:

  1. Pre-screening prospects.
  2. Determining the market value.
  3. Estimating repairs.
  4. Making offers and counter offers.
  5. Selling.

Once you have mastered these items, you can train others to do them for you. Your focus should be on making offers and generating revenue. All else can be delegated. Do the things only you can do and hire others to do the rest.

*God Speed*

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