selling property in winterCertainly, winter is the slowest selling season, for the obvious reasons. Since the main focus is on holidaying, staying warm, etc and not on buying a home. This makes most homeowners take their homes back from the market till spring. If you too do the same, you need to re-work the selling strategy of your home according to the season.

Turn the seasons and current market trends in your favor. Check out the home care and staging tips, and sell your home this winter!

Winter shouldn’t be used as a crutch: If a buyer is coming down to view your property in an adverse weather, be sure to shovel your driveway or walking path, in order to mark a fine first impression. You should ensure a clean and accessible entry. Don’t miss out on the sale!

Regulate the temperature: Just keep a check on the temperature inside your home when you have showings scheduled through the day. Since it is winter, the potential buyer would view your home with all of their winter gear on. Try and keep them comfy, this helps them in being attentive through the visit.

Keep the Lights Turned-on: Considering the weather, there would be limited sunshine. The winter days happen to be quite dull, and end up casting a grey hue in the house. In order to eradicate that drab, fill the room with sufficient lighting. Make the house welcoming!

De-Clutter, Cleanup, Quick!: Winter is no excuse to keep your house cluttered and haywire. Keep all of your winter gear and wear organized. They, lying here and there end up spoiling the first impression.

Peeved Pet Stink: There are no two thoughts about it that we love our pets, but they have a strange smell which lingers in the house during winters. Moreover it’s winter, and you can’t even keep the pets outside homes. The day you have showing, make sure that your pets are dry and nicely groomed. The smell of a wet puppy is certainly unwelcoming!

Additionally, if you follow the below mentioned simple and effective steps for home care, you would more or less ensure that your home sells this winter:

  • Click pictures of your home before the snow fall, from the outside, covering the exteriors. Just because, showcasing after the snowfall may look fancy, but would hide the features of your home.
  • Cleanup the driveways, sidewalks, and the steps of the house, from snow and ice. Moreover, bring to use sand and deicers to keep those walking areas clean and safe for visitors.
  • Holiday decorations must be prim and proper.
  • The buyers must be kept informed regarding town plowing schedules and the upkeep of neighborhood streets.
  • Aromatic candles, air fresheners and room sprays must be kept to a minimum. Instead use warm fragrances which spread gentle aroma, such as lavender or rosemary bouquets. These are a natural way to perfume your home.
  • Try and schedule the showings during daylight hours to get the maximum lighting inside the house so that renting long let apartment is easier for you.
  • Get a professional window cleaner on the job before a showing, and assign him the cleaning of indoor and outdoor windows. That’s because crystal clear windows help in getting maximum light inside the house.
  • Ensure that the house is warm and cozy, so, keep regulating the temperature. Add area rugs to each room.
  • It is significant to keep the indoor decorations clean and simple. Moreover, if they are green, and natural, they would add on to the seasonally appropriateness.
  • Keep shovels, snow blowers and deicing materials to swipe off the snow. Also, be prepared with the winter gear.

Following the above mentioned tips and tricks should do the job. However, you should be cautious enough not to overprice the home, and must competitively price it according to local market.

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