mobile home investing licenseDid you know that many states have a CAP or limit to how many mobile homes you may buy and sell for a profit per year (12 months)? It’s true. Many states say that you must become a licensed mobile home dealer or mobile home retailer after “X” number of deals you close for a profit. See below to confirm your states number.

This “licensing” rule does NOT apply to mobile homes attached to private land. This only applies for mobile homes on rented land and/or considered personal property.

A “0″ after the State name indicates a state that asks you to obtain your mobile home retailer or dealer license before you buy and sell any mobile homes for profit. Homes that are considered your primary residence or secondary residences do not count.

An “A” after your State name indicates a state that does not have a cap on the number of mobile homes you may buy and sell for profit without a mobile homes retailer or dealer license. Enjoy and get moving!

State: # mobile home deals per year without a dealer or retailer’s license :
  • Alabama:1
  • Alaska:A
  • Arizona:3
  • Arkansas:1
  • California:0
  • Colorado:0
  • Delaware:5
  • Florida:2
  • Georgia:0
  • Idaho :6
  • Illinois:4
  • Indiana:A
  • Iowa:A
  • Kansas:A
  • Kentucky:1
  • Louisiana:3
  • Maine:0
  • Maryland:A
  • Massachusetts:A
  • Michigan:0
  • Minnesota:5
  • Missouri:4
  • Mississippi:3
  • Montana:A
  • Nebraska:0
  • Nevada:A
  • New Hampshire:3
  • New York:4
  • North Carolina:3
  • North Dakota:A
  • Ohio:4
  • Oklahoma:0
  • Oregon:3
  • Pennsylvania:3
  • South Carolina:4
  • Tennessee :1
  • Texas:1
  • Utah:2
  • Vermont:A
  • Virginia:5
  • Washington:0
  • West Virginia:6
  • Wisconsin:1

**If you see any error in the list above please leave a comment below so that the information may stay as current as possible.**

But John, do I really need a license?

Of all the people I trained to invest in mobile homes many end up getting their MH license to continue investing. Others do not get their MH license and continue investing anyway. By talking to every state’s Manufactured Housing division I have determined that many states do not police these matters. It is the burden of the State to prove you are purchasing and reselling your properties for profit or personal gain or not as a primary residence. In addition nobody is counting your transactions and waiting for you at the DMV, DOT, Notary, or other Manufactured housing division where Title is transferred in your state. With that said it is our opinion to start becoming licensed as soon as you realize this is a profitable, fun, exciting, and long-term business you wish to be apart of.

What if I continue without a license?

If you were singled out by a tenant-buyer or someone else for shady practices or screwing someone and were discovered to not have a license then you deserve to be caught. You will likely be given a cease and desist notice to quit investing until this 12 month cycle is over. In other states you may be given a fine depending on the severity of the matter.

Do Personal Property Trusts help hide our identity? or Can I simply buy/sell in my LLC or children’s names??

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. The methods listed above will give some anonymity to your business but if you were in front of a Judge and found out to not have a license it would be necessary to obtain a license to continue investing legally. If you are the mastermind and receiving the tax benefits you should become licensed once you realize you want to continue making money with mobile homes.

What are the Pros and Cons of becoming licensed?

In many states some negatives are that you are taxed at a higher rate typically then non-dealer status. Licensing also costs a yearly fee in many states. Some positives will be that you will now be more knowledgeable about mobile homes in your state and that you can network with other dealers and retailers more readily. Bottom line is the law is the law; if you love this business and are making $1,000+ cash flow per month with mobile homes then reinvest the money into your education to become a state licensed mobile home retailer or dealer.

What does my State require to become Licensed?

Good question. Depending on your State the licensing requirements will vary. Some states will want you to have an office (home or otherwise), dealer lot, become bonded, insurance, experience, pass written tests, etc. For exact license requirements call your local mobile home division. See numbers below.

  • Alabama: 251-574-1923/251-574-8794
  • Alaska: 907-269-3750 ask DLR Licensing
  • Arizona: 520-509-3555/ 888-431-1311
  • Arkansas: 501-663-8444
  • California: 909-987-2599/916-323-9803
  • Colorado: 303-866-4616
  • Connecticut: 860-584-5915
  • Delaware: 302-744-2500 Dover Office
  • Florida: 850-907-9111
  • Georgia: 770-955-4522
  • Idaho: 208-334-8664
  • Illinois: 217-782-2880
  • Indiana: 317-240-3751
  • Iowa: 515-265-1497/563-244-0573
  • Kansas: 785-368-8385
  • Kentucky: 502-223-0490/502-573-1795
  • Louisiana: 225-925-9041
  • Maine: 207-624-9000 ext 52143
  • Maryland: 410-767-1324
  • Massachusetts: 617-727-1977
  • Michigan: 517-241-9317/517-241-9328
  • Minnesota: 651-296-2977
  • Mississippi: 601-923-7229
  • Missouri: 573-636-8660
  • Montana: 406-442-2164/406-456-5460
  • Nebraska: 402-471-3918
  • Nevada: 775-687-2060
  • New Hampshire: 603-629-9369
  • New Jersey: 609-588-9040
  • New Mexico: 505-476-4770
  • New York: 518-867-3242
  • North Carolina: 800-849-6311
  • North Dakota: 701-328-2725
  • Ohio: 614-752-7671
  • Oklahoma: 405-634-5050
  • Oregon: 503-364-2470
  • Pennsylvania: 888-242-7642
  • South Carolina: 803-896-4682/803-896-5000
  • South Dakota: 605-223-2065
  • Tennessee: 615-256-4733
  • Texas: 512-459-1221
  • Utah: 800-368-8824/800-DMV-UTAH
  • Vermont: 802-828-3749
  • Virginia: 804-371-7000 (ask for MH dept)
  • Washington: 360-357-5650
  • Wisconsin: 608-255-3131/608-266-3151
  • Wyoming: 307-777-4850

Hope this helps you understand the nature and importance of eventually obtaining your mobile home license to continue making even more profits. Let me know your thoughts and questions below.

Love what you do daily,

John Fedro

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