Neighborhood revitalization can be found in communities all across the nation fueled by the flooded housing market that is overflowing with foreclosures and REO’s.  Investors are renovating homes and making them appealing to buyers in both appearance and price.  But what is the solution for houses not suitable for renovation and vacant lots?  The answer may be to consider modular construction.

A year ago I would not be suggesting that anyone consider building a modular home.  My expertise was in restoring old homes and bringing in home owners to depressed neighborhoods. My opinion of a modular was that they were just one notch above a double wide.

I was convinced to visit a modular factory and see how they are created.  I looked at various designs and floor plans and saw that they were the same in appearance and design as a stick build home.  When I arrived at the factory I quickly was impressed with the construction of the homes which was equal to or superior to traditional building codes.

As I gave more thought to the idea of using modular construction as part of the overall plan to revitalize neighborhoods. The concept of the modular home became more appealing.  Why not have a combination of restored homes and modulars which were designed to look as if they were always a part of the neighborhood.  This could easily be created by using modulars and at a reasonable construction cost.  This was the perfect solution for old homes requiring demolition and for vacant lots.

I also discovered that modulars could be used for senior housing, multi-family construction, community buildings and even commercial buildings.  They could be easily adjusted and designed for various functions within the neighborhood.

I suggest that you locate the factories in your area and arrange for a tour.  Acquire plans that will fit the designs needed in the neighborhood and see how you can create affordable housing four your buyer and a profit for you as the investor.

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