Because of this movement to design  modern homes which all looked similar we began to loose the traditional designs that gave the individual neighborhoods character and that special “All American”  charm.  Today as we are restoring homes in depressed neighborhoods it is imperative that any new housing constructed in the area comply with the traditional designs of existing homes in the area.

Wow!  Look at how drastically housing in America has changed since the housing booms of the 1950’s.  The average home size in 1950 was about 1000 Sq.Ft.   Today the average home size is 2400 sq. ft.  As the building boom continued over the past fifty years the trend became to build what some refer to as “ McMansions”.  Homes that were just cookie cutter structures lined up side by side in large subdivisions.

The new homes can create a blend of historical appearance with contemporary construction to create what some people are referring to as the“New Old” design movement.

These homes blend into the natural landscape and surrounding homes and look as if they have always been there.  They also offer the amenities necessary for the lifestyle of  a 21st Century family.

Here are some facts on Modulars:

A modular is constructed in a dry factory and never exposed to the weather.

The construction is equal to or exceeds building codes.

Modulars come with pre-installed plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough ins ready to be connected by licensed contractors.  The bath fixtures and the kitchen cabinets are set  and appliances are already in place.

Here’s a few pieces of information I feel will be useful.

The entire house, once on site.  will be finished in matter of two weeks instead of two  months.

They are built “green” and are designed to be energy efficient.

The construction costs are lower than a stick build home.

Modulars in most areas appraise well.

Do you own homework on modulars.  I  know you will find them a much higher  quality than you may be anticipating. So for your next project you may want to consider a modular.

As for me…I am sticking with restoring older existing homes…but I definitely will consider modular construction on neighborhood revitalization projects requiring a blending of Old and new homes.

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