Do you know that –Motivated Sellers need Investors just as much as Investors need motivated sellers for the best wholesale & rehab flip investment deals.  Real Estate Investors are SOLUTION providers for distressed property and motivated sellers.  I’ve included below a free real estate investing training book and three reasons why INVESTORS are important for motivated sellers.


FREE Real  Estate Investing Book Download

 Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers SM

How to Find Cash Buyers and Motivated Sellers

Free real estate investing training digital book that quickly gets you educated on cash buyers and motivated sellers for your real estate investing. It teaches real estate investors how to define and target ideal cash buyers and motivated sellers. Ebook covers absentee owners, rehab investors, Section 8 landlords, and other buyer types. Some of the marketing topics include mailing lists, postcards, both online and offline marketing strategies along with examples.


Motivated Seller Type #1 – No Commissions/Low Closing costs

By selling directly to an investor, Distressed Owners  avoid or rather save the real estate agent’s 6% commission. That could mean more pocket money for all parties. Another advantage is that it also gives Investors & Cash Buyers more room to negotiate a sale price. According to my local title company the average real estate transaction commission on a $150,000 house is $9,000!  Think of the huge benefit of not having to paying commission on a flip  or rehab deal.

sm red arrowSecret Tip ===> Investors can always take over payments using a lease or Sub 2 contract immediately and still have a closing scheduled!  Motivated Sellers of Distressed property love the idea of unloading a “problem house” and it can also buy you the Investor extra time to find the cash or another investor to partner on the deal with.

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Motivated Seller Type #2 – Can Sell Property As-Is Easier

Investor’s will not want a brand new shiny fixed up in perfect condition house. Motivated Sellers are usually not in a position to have repairs made.  In the real estate market it’s usually rehab and contractor investors that buy houses that need major repairs. Distressed Property Sellers need to sell their property in their current condition. Most Motivated sellers do not have the money or the time for repairs – so some really want or look for Investors to buy their house as-is.

sm red arrowFinding Cash Buyers Tip ===>  Besides checking around your local REIA meeting, a good way to find cash buyers is to ask your Title Company or Broker for a list of recent closers who used cashed or closed in under 18 days. Check out this quick video on How To Find Cash Buyers For Your Real Estate Deals

Motivated Seller #3 – Fast & Limited Paper Work Closing

One of the best advantages of selling to a Wholesale Investor is speed.  The FASTEST way to buy a house or investment property is with CASH. No long closing transactions/paperwork and having to wait close to month before you sign on the dotted line. Quite a few Sellers often have to pick up and relocate for a job or family emergency and time is their enemy.

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BOTTOM LINE  —- Distressed & Motivated Sellers NEED Investors. Above is REIClub’s free real estate Investing book that can be downloaded from Amazon – How To Find Cash Buyers & Motivated sellers. It’s designed to give real estate investors the tips and tools to get the deals rolling.

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