property managent garman investingRumor has it that my picture is on a few dart boards.  With plenty of darts stuck in that picture. It would not surprise me.

You see when it comes to investment real estate I tend to have very high expectations from the people that I deal with and I have no problem in letting them know what my expectations are.  That can make a guy like me a little difficult to deal with when I have a habit of telling it like it is.

Especially when it comes to managing the day to day operations of the investment properties that my investment partners, clients and I own together. I expect a lot out of my management teams because my investors expect a lot out of me. Not only that but in most cases my personal investment is also on the line too so I also have a personal interest in making sure the properties are operating at the highest possible level.

—-> To do that can make you unpopular with your management staff because you work them hard.

That’s the problem.

Its not that my management staff does not want to or cannot work hard. Its that no other owner works them as hard as I do. Compared to many other apartment property owners and investors I am what is called SUPER HIGH MAINTENANCE.

And we all know it.

Don’t get me wrong either. My management staff and I get along fine. There is no bad blood or hard feelings and the dart board with my photo is more for poking fun and knowing that I have a great sense of humor vs. anything bad or having disgruntled staff.

We spend a lot of time working on making our properties as successful as possible and through that process you build great relationships. Its just that they know when it comes to dealing with  me, my investment partners, clients and properties that they better be ready to work.

Booming Real Estate Investing PricesOne of the biggest eye openers for investors, especially new investors, is not only reviewing an investment property that they may be thinking about investing in but taking a good look at the property management side of long term investments. Seeing how the investment process really works and really comes together over time is eye opening to many.

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