We all have excuses why we can’t do certain things, or we why we are down on our luck, but we often act paralyzed when we really are just simply limited. The truth is, most of us have limitations. We just have learned to work around our limitations. Money is limited, time is limited, our abilities are limited. Some people are more limited than others, but we can ALL do something to improve our lives and real estate investing business.

Instead of focusing on what you can’t do with your real estate investing, focus on what you CAN do. Sadly, people often think “if I can’t do it 100%, I won’t do it at all””. Do you have that attitude? That’s no way to live. A better attitude to have is “I may not be able to give 100%  in comparison to others, but I can give it MY 100% right now – no matter what that looks like”.

Maybe you feel defeated if you cant make an offer on a good deal. Maybe you have a time/location limitation that is keeping you from driving for deals every weekend but you can take 1 hour on a Sunday afternoon and target just one neighborhood? Maybe your shy and don’t like talking on the phone with sellers – you can always use text, email, or direct mail to communicate about potential deals or offers.

Do what you know you CAN do. The point is you can always do SOMETHING.

RESULTS NOT EXCUSESMake a list of things you CAN’T change right this minute that bring you down. Now make a list of things you CAN change that will improve your life, attitude, health and even your real estate investing situation down the road. Start tackling that list. Do what you can with what you have. Even if you can’t change your situation, you can change you for your situation. As a result, your situation often changes too.  🙂

No More Excuses.

Do what you know you CAN do. The point is you can always do SOMETHING.

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