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We’ve published investing articles this year about everything from how to do your first deal, be more productive with your time and finances, finding and using Hard & Private Money, tips and tricks for using onlines investing tools, negotiation techniques, and more!

Didn’t get a chance to read everything this year? No problem.
If you only have time to read a few posts this year, here’s our top 10 hitlist of popular real estate investing posts to make 2018 your most productive and profitable year yet.

Top 10 Real Estate Investing Blogs Posts 2017


3 Negotiating Tactics For Dealing With Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, & Loss Mitigators


When It Comes To Inspections – Should You Get a Referral From Your Agent?


  The 6 ‘Musts’ for any Real Estate Investing Business


 Every Smart Landlord Has One – Do You?


5 Tips For Investing In Single-Family Investment Properties


3 Hidden Issues Found In Distressed Property For Purchase


Cheat List For Mobile Home Repairs


Quick Hard Money Loan Structure Explained


Infographic: How to Invest in Real Estate with Retirement Funds


50 Easy Ways For Investors To Find Motivated Sellers


Formula For Buying Multi-Family Investment Properties


Airbnb and Short Term Rentals

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