belize_map_lg-investing-rentalsDear Investor,

Today’s investment property is very different that I am about to talk about. It fits the bill if you’re looking for a way to generate income from an overseas investment rental property.

This property is located in the little town of Placencia in Southern Belize. Belize gives you a huge advantage over many other destinations when it comes to setting up or running your own investing rental business. It’s English-speaking. It’s so much easier to deal with red tape or hiring staff when you don’t need to consult a dictionary or hire a translator.

Belize Great Place For Investments

Tourist numbers to Belize are growing. In March this year, the highest number of tourists visited the country in a single month. Numbers were up 12% on March 2012. Placencia is seeing more travelers, too. The road linking the town to the capital, Belize City, was newly-paved three years ago. Today, it’s quicker and easier than ever before to get here.

But even before the paving of the road, Placencia proved popular with adventurous types. They came to sunbathe and swim on the miles of white-sand beach lapped by the clear Caribbean Sea. They came to snorkel and dive the barrier reef offshore that teems with bright-colored corals and shoals of tropical fish, turtles and rays. They fell in love with Placencia and started little businesses.

Today, Placencia is a peaceful spot where you can relax with friends over lunch in one of the gourmet restaurants, kick back at a beach bar, or simply enjoy the village atmosphere that’s hard to resist. Locals and expats alike greet you with a smile and a cheerful good morning. It’s easy to meet people here and even easier to make friends.

Belize Investment Rental Properties

In the heart of Placencia village, this property has 7 rental cabanas in a lush garden setting. They’re a short stroll to Placencia’s restaurants, bars, cafes and grocery stores and (of course) the beach.

The newly-built one-bed hardwood cabanas each have a full kitchen, queen-size bed and private bath with hot water.

There are 7 cabanas on the property, four large, two smaller and a one-bed cabana. They’re simple, not fancy. They’re popular with budget travelers. The full kitchen also appeals to visitors who want to stay in Placencia for longer periods. The cabanas currently rent for up to $65 per night or $375 a month.

The property has some good reviews on Tripadvisor. Guests appreciate the downtown location and the value for money the cabanas offer.

We even consulted a local real estate agent Boris Mannsfeld, who  thinks that with some changes you could increase the occupancy rate and charge more per night. That could give you a bigger profit margin.

The property is listed at $375,000. When put in the perspective of US rental properties it sound rather inexpensive and the per unit costs is so slow that cash flowing should be a breeze.

So the next time you are thinking of purchasing rental property, consider investing in international property. Until next time…

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