[Note: In Parts 1 and 2 of this series, we talked about keeping your real estate healthy. In Part 3, we look at ways to keep you and your family healthy should relocation enter your lives.]

With the economy, the overall mood of the nation and unemployment far from appreciable levels, many of us are struggling to stay afloat these days as bills pile up, credit evaporates and non-essentials are all but eliminated. For those who have had no other choice but to take employment elsewhere from the friendly confines of their current home, Relocation.com offers some excellent steps you can take to make the transition more manageable.

1) Do your homework as a family: City and state official Web sites are a good starting point to get a sense of the school system, recreation and services. Look to local bloggers to get the “voice” of a neighborhood, including city, or even neighborhood focused real estate blogs.

2) Take time to talk about the unknown: Find time to let your family talk out loud about the move. Some days it will seem like a great adventure, other days it’ll be daunting. Let your kids know that’s okay.

3) Find where your hobbies live: If a family member has a special hobby or sport, locate the best ways to connect with that passion as soon as you get to the new location–it’ll feel more like home when everyone is doing what they love.

4) Start gathering medical and school records: We’d like to think we live in a paperless world–that is, until we roll into the emergency room in a new town and can’t access key information.

5) Tap into the professionals: Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home right away or are opting to rent an apartment or home while you familiarize yourself with the area, professionals can provide both guidance and support during your relocation. Take time to check out reviews, get references from people you trust, and then narrow down options to a short list. It’s worth the work to get these relationships right.

I couldn’t have said it any better – although I say it often on my radio show at Income Property Investment Talk dot com when I encourage investors to bypass the DIY – do it yourself — mentality and seek the professionals who have your best interests at heart.

Invest well.



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