Yes, you can self-direct your IRA funds into real estate. Yes, you can generate significant wealth in this distressed real estate market. Yes, you can be the millionaires of tomorrow,  by acting today.

Don’t believe me? Learn from a new SEI Quick Poll that shows a significant increase in the percentage of pension portfolios investing in alternatives, when compared to the previous two years. In 2008, 51 percent of pension executives surveyed in an SEI Quick Poll said their pension portfolio was invested in alternatives. In 2009, that percentage increased to 53 percent. This year’s poll saw an increase to 65 percent of the poll participants.

“Funding deficiencies are getting the attention of various stakeholders in companies and, as a result, boards and senior management are looking for long-term strategies as this scrutiny continues,” said Jon Waite, Director, Investment Management Advice and Chief Actuary for SEI’s Institutional Group. “A plan’s funded status is the top priority as liabilities are being managed within a larger, organizational, risk management framework. In particular, alternative investments are being integrated into the portfolio as another channel for mitigating overall risk, while providing additional return.”

Mitigating risk and additional returns. Sound good? Yes, it can happen for you.

Back to the survey… Real estate (77 percent) far out surpassed the alternatives being used. Others were: private equity (54 percent), funds of hedge funds (47 percent), and single manager hedge funds (30 percent). (for a copy of the complete survey results, you can email [email protected]).

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