Danny Johnson, of FlippingJunkie.com, has recently released, Lead Manager, which is an exceptional web-based application that allows you to manage your motivated seller leads with ease.

If you have been in the real estate investing profession for Many years…Okay, who am I kidding here?; If you’ve been in the real estate industry for at least 6 months or more you already know how important it is to have all your leads organized, all of the pertinent information needed on the property, and so on. I cannot tell you what a headache it is, even with a manual organization system, to ensure you have all of your applicable information accounted for and right at your finger tips.

Lead Manager permits you to access your prospect’s information from any place with an internet connection, including your phone’s browser.  The software system not only assists you in managing your leads but at the same time it calculates all of the major factors (ie benefits and risks) that will aid you in determining whether or not you are sitting on a priceless gem or worthless pile of rubbish that will slowly and painfully deplete you of your valuable time. An important thing to remember is that time is valuable and once lost can never be replaced. It’s time that could’ve been better spent pursuing deals that would’ve brought you straight to the BANK achieving Payday, wouldn’t you say?

The Lead Manager system will free up so much additional time that normally you would have spent hours working your butt off on to ensure you had everything you needed to complete your project. It eliminates the possibility of you forgetting any relevant information that more or less guarantees the major criteria of your deal is being met. In addition, it is an awesome way to maintain a follow-up system with even leads that were once considered, “dead leads”, but after a period of time are ready to throw up their “surrender” flag. Imagine if you had a system in place for follow-ups like that? WoW! There is massive money to be made in the specialty of that and what I am going to call, “the white flag follow-up”.

This software system eradicates the requirement to tag along a big and bulky file system, which every so often, comes up missing that one sheet of pertinent information we so desperately need to proceed with the transaction. Maintaining everything electronically through Lead Manager solves that problem and positions you on the level of “cutting edge”. Lead Manager keeps you surpassing the competition via the mere process of auto-piloting your business.

Many of you have been on quest for finding an affordable system that allocates you the ability to access all of your notes, deal analysis, contact and follow up information while on the go or at the office and that is exactly what Danny Johnson’s, Lead Manager does, only it’s for Free. Danny even took the time to post a detailed 15 minute video with step by step instructions on how to utilize Lead Manager for maximum effectiveness.

The following are some of the things you can do with the lead manager:

  • Save Property Information
  • View Lead Source Statistics
  • Keep Track of Lockbox Codes
  • Analyze Deals for Wholesale and Retail Flips
  • Enter Repairs, Closing and Holding Costs, Debt Service
  • See How Different Holding Times Affect Your Bottom Line
  • A Better Way To Determine Your Maximum Allow Offer
  • Print and/or Save A PDF Report Of Your Lead Data
  • Set Up Automatic Follow Up Reminders
  • And More…

When someone is willing to give away so many priceless tools for free you know they really care and have a passion for helping others and that is why I could not help but include Danny and the launch of Lead Manager in this review.

Danny Johnson has recently won REIClub’s Contest for 2011 Up and Coming Real Estate Blogs coming in at 1st place. I highly encourage you to check out his blog at FlippingJunkie.com to learn more about him and while you’re there I recommend that you review his content because his “how-to’s” will leave you with a wealth of knowledge that will keep you coming back for more.

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