Plareal estate resourcesnning to sell your first property rehab flip or investment property?

Focus on making sure your home shows well or is properly staged. Based on experience, it will work to your benefit to sell your real estate investment faster, fetch a higher price and in some cases multiple offers.

Here is a “Show Ready Checklist” that will help you sell your investment quick:

  1. Clean Everything – hire a cleaning company to help you with all of the detailing work.
  2. De-Clutter Rooms & Empty Garages – it will make a small home look huge
  3. Brighten & Lighten Up Rooms – Let natural light in through windows & install bright bulbs
  4. Deodorize Rooms, Carpets &  Vents –  fresh baked bread, cookies and cinnamon are welcoming
  5. Repair Anything that is Broken – don’t give them a reason to make a low offer
  6. Replace Faucets and Toilet Seats – calcium deposits can make an expensive faucet look yucky
  7. Paint a Neutral Color – fresh paint gives you’re the highest return on investment
  8. Play Soft Instrumental Music For Noisy/Industrial Area – helps to block on street noise
  9. Adjust Home Temperature  – make sure it’s comfortable for the season
  10. Landscape – make sure the exterior stays manicured

here is a real estate investing tipBONUS Power Pro Tip: Create a Real Estate Document Folder  using Vista Print’s online tools to create a marketing flyer, unique business card and a special folder for your sales agreement or purchase contract. 

It is also a good idea to provide a list of the features of your home and area to potential buyers or agents.  Include the bad as well.  By doing so, you are more empowered to handle the negatives and highlight the best features of your property.

If a buyer or another investor leaves with the opinion that your a professional, the property is fairly priced, clean, has good flow, is in good repair and is move-in ready they will not hesitate to make an offer immediately.

Good Luck!

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