The 4th of July is the birthday of America. Each July I think about our forefathers and what they envisioned for the new nation they created. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were both US Presidents in the late 1700’s that were concerned about the boundaries of government and the freedoms of its citizens (coincidentally, both Adams and Jefferson died on the same day…July 4th, 1826).

Our founding fathers could have never dreamed about modern day technology and how it subverts our personal privacy. But, one thing is for sure, they would not have wanted us to give out as much personal information as we have all been trained to do.

Land Trusts are great for keeping private information (real estate ownership) private. Land Trusts have been used for over 500 years to protect individual ownership and prevent theft of property from deadbeats and their lawyers.

Over 100 years ago, Land Trusts were brought to America and verified as legal entities through thousands of legal decisions in the courts of primarily Massachusetts and Illinois. Today, Land Trusts are used in almost every state (sometimes known as “title holding trusts” or “common law trusts”) to help protect property owners from frivolous lawsuits and the public in general.

In 1969 I started buying single family homes for investment. After a few years of acquiring property, I became concerned about having my name on the title to property and what “surprises” this might bring. Frequently I heard about property owners that were sued for what seemed to be frivolous reasons. Soon I learned that people who own real estate are “the enemy” and are perceived to have huge amounts of money (or equity) of which is coveted by attorneys and their clients (who are not interested in working for a living).

It seemed logical to start thinking like our forefathers. Adams and Jefferson were intensely private men that wanted our government to only provide security for the new United States and to leave the citizens alone in all other respects. These two past presidents also felt that citizens should be protected from each other via the constitution and the legal system.

Anyone who has read the Patriot Act knows how far we have come from Adam’s and Jefferson’s hopes for a non-intrusive government (and how our legal system has run amuck). But, I am not a fatalist. I believe where there is a will there is a way and that is why I believe so strongly in the benefits of using Land Trusts to be more private and to control personal information.

Land Trusts have been used for a long time to conceal and control property. The advantages are many and the disadvantages are few. No one should own property in their own personal name and a Land Trust helps accomplish this goal.

After over 40 years of investing (and 30 years of using Land Trusts) I have learned a few privacy and asset protection lessons.  I have even complied a free report on “50 Reasons to Use a Land Trust” for new investors wanting to know more about  Land Trusts. Among the most important lessons are:

  1. Don’t be a partner with anyone
  2. Don’t brag about your assets or income
  3. Own nothing, control everything (use a Land Trust)
  4. Believe half of what you hear
  5. Under promise and over deliver
  6. Honor your commitments
  7. Sacrifice everything to pay your lenders
  8. The legal system is not “fair”
  9. Luck is where opportunity meets preparation
  10. Hard work = results

As you relax and enjoy this 4th of July, appreciate all that you have and the wonderful country that you live in. And your ability to use a Land Trust to own real estate!

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