procrastinate-real estate investingRight now I am enjoying the time with my family at our place on Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa and I am getting the call from the kids to fix something on one of the jet-ski’s (seems I am more a repairman today) but before I get my hands dirty with the Kawasaki I wanted to pass on something that happened to me yesterday with my neighbor here at the lake that I think is vitally important to you.

The Herny’s are our neighbors at the lake and they are in their late 80’s and early 90’s and they love to talk and visit with us.  My wife Gina and I also enjoy their company. Well yesterday Bill invites Gina and I over for a cold Miller High Life and asks us to sit on the deck with him to do – what else?  Visit.

It is amazing speaking with someone the age of Bill because of his experience and insight into many things.  It is amazing to hear the real stories of his success, challenges and accomplishments over the years.

Bill was also a talented high school quarterback in his day and has no problem in telling you just how good he was which in this case is just fine by me and actually fun to listen to.

After awhile of talking and telling stories I asked Bill if he had any regrets since he seemed so happy about life, what he had done in with his life over the years and where he was at today.

“Only One” he said, pointing to a property on the lake about 1/4 mile away.  “That property there is my only regret.”

The story goes like this:

Thirty five years ago he had the opportunity to buy that property he was pointing at for $85,000.  At that time it seemed like a lot of money. He saw the upside in owning it and what would and could become of the property but got nervous about the investment and decided not to pursue it.

“Do you know how much that property is worth today?” he asked me.

Of course I had no idea but guessed $300,000.

“No, its worth at least $650,000!  I can’t believe I let that property get by me!

I just got nervous and in those days $85,000 was a lot of money to invest so I made the easy decision not to move forward with it and I have regretted it ever since – that is one that definitely got away.” When you deal with as many investors as I do you hear this story in some version all the time and Bill is NOT one of my investors but his story is very instructional.

It is easy to second guess yourself and there are more voices from inside or outside that tell you to take the easy path of either not investing OR procrastinating vs. moving forward with an investment.

Then after YEARS of this we finally wake up and wonder why we are not making the financial progress we should or deserve. For many Bill’s story IS the reason why you may not be where you want to be financially and if that is the case why are you still procrastinating???

I know, its easy to.

But do yourself and my buddy Bill a favor.  Take action!  No more procrastinating on your real estate investing.  Take that first step of
contacting me to get the ball rolling for you and get that momentum moving.  That is all it will take to start making the progress you deserve financially.  That one first step is easy but very important.

Remember, its easy not to do this and put it off but how much more of this are you going to do?  If not now, when? This would be a prime example of not letting one get away. So, take it from Bill.  Don’t delay and get started so you too don’t point in regret to the property that got away.

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