rei video marketing investor tipsVideo is a great way to show off a property to a potential end buyer, other investors and even private lenders. It can save you time, money and expand you reach beyond your local market. In this visual digital age, buyers will pay more attention to your investment if they can “see/feel it” and make quicker informed decisions. No more wasting time waiting on a buyer who is “just curious” to view your property. Get this – you can do it yourself in under 5 mins and have it online in 10 mins  – all for free!

Video Real Estate Investing Marketing

You could just film yourself giving an awesome tour of the property and post it on Vimeo or YouTube, totally free. You have a smart phone? Digital Camera? Flip Recorder? Well – you are all set for adding video to your real estate ads, craigslist posts, postlets submissions and for adding the link to an email reply to those interested in your real estate investment deals. In fact creating a video is a perfect way to send out a quick and to the point email to your buyers list.

Don’t let “making a video” scare you. It’s nothing like being on stage or singing in front of a crowd. And no worries, it is something that you can do over, delete, limit access to and even better you do not even have to be in the Video. You can just record your voice as you “tour” your investment property or record your contractor/inspector as he moves through out the property.

Guess what? Do you have fear of speaking or just want to wholesale a property as is? You can do a SILENT video that just shows the grounds and the layout of the interior of the deal.

Another thing – a bad or poor quality video is much better then NO video at all. A Video about a property instantly doubles views/interest of potential buyers. Having a video of your investment property always makes your deals, emails, and ads seem more professional and makes your property look like a good legit investment.

Sounds complicated? Just find a teenager or college student with a smartphone and in no time you will be cooking. Consult with your agent on perhaps getting the place staged if that’s common in  your market or a higher end property.

rei video marketing

Tips For REI Video Marketing

  1. Keep it short 2-5 minutes is plenty.
  2. Show “features” of the property first.
  3. Show the exterior & interior
  4. Give a short narrative as you move from room to room
  5. Include the property address & contact info

You’ll also save yourself time dealing with tire kickers by putting up a video of the investment property. Your investment video will give buyers a really great perspective on the property and you won’t have to waste time showing it to people who wouldn’t buy it or not looking for that type of deal.

So if your smartphone shoots video, spend the time to record a tour of the property. Embed it on your webpage, emails, online ads and be sure to include a few pics, maps/directions and all the details a prospective buyer will need.

There’s a lot of evidence that boosting the quality of your real estate ads and emails will pay off. Showing the best side of the property helps increase anticipation and excitement for good potential buyers. Many investors and real estate agents benefit from video advertising when they get that full-price offer from buyers who just watched their investment property video.

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