rags to riches real estate investingWe’re all so predictable.

Even though we can smell a “rags to riches” story a mile  away, we’re still attracted like a crowd to a fistfight.

It’s why we love Susan Boyle’s meteoric rise to fame and  fortune on “Britain’s Got Talent”…from frumpy spinster, to world-wide singing sensation.

We can see OURSELVES in it…overcoming adversity and finally getting the things we want in life.

But the more glitches along the way, the better. The more unexpected, radical, and outrageous…the more we’re enthralled with the drama.

Like the kid who was a cocaine addict (among other things) at 13; was in trouble with the police dozens of time; was accused of attempted murder and got off with assault and a 2 year sentence; whose early friends are mostly in  prison or dead.

He’s now a famous actor, known for “The Perfect Storm,” “The Italian Job,” “Shooter,” and most recently, “The Fighter.”

He’s Mark Wahlberg, of course, and though he’s famous, he’s nowhere near as well known as another guy who came from nothing to become one of the most incredible creativity and business icons IN HISTORY.

He was given up by his single mom and adopted by high-school dropout parents.

He wasn’t as violent as Wahlberg, but was in trouble in school, got suspended, dropped acid, was aimless, barely ever washed, and lived on bizarre diets and ideas.

act now investingSo how did he become Steve Jobs?

Here’s one of his quotes:

“And that’s what separates, sometimes, the people that DO things from the people that just dream about

Some investors acted on that 15-unit property I was checking out a few weeks ago (the one with the
large units), and now they’re soon to be proud owners.

Of course, that property is no longer available. So for those in my area checking what IS available right now is:

*The 24-Unit property close to tenant conveniences (gone in a few days to a week  – double digit returns!)
*The commercial 7-8 % property (maybe a week left) with the long-term lease
*The low investment barrier 8 unit ‘starter’ property (will be gone in a couple days, too)

And what does Steve Jobs say?


Another way to put it is: “Don’t be left on the sidelines watching…”

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