How do you achieve Real Estate Investing Success?

Some people set goals.  I prefer to plant intentions.  What’s the difference?

An intention is more about the seed of the thought, the beginning.  A goal is the destination, the end.

Intention vs. Goals

An intention is about starting the journey but then allowing the journey to take a life of its own.  A goal is about a predetermined destination.  An intention is flexible.  A goal is rigid.  An intention keeps creativity alive during the whole journey.  A goal has the potential to stifle creativity.


When you set a goal or declare an intention, you can only see things from where you are now.  As you proceed along the path to your intended destination, you will gain new insights and see new things.

Every step down the path will change your perspective of who you are, where you were and where you are going.  Opportunities never anticipated will present themselves to you.

Challenges never envisioned stand to alter your path.


If you have an intention, rather than a goal, you are free to accept the opportunities and avoid unnecessary challenges.

An intention is just that:  you intend to do something, but if you see more clearly as you climb the mountains along your journey and your desires change, which they always do, then you can adjust your intention.

You use your intention just long enough for it to carry you over the next knoll.  Then with your newly found perspective, your desires will change, and you are free to adjust your intent.

I have heard people say that you can do the same with goals.  It is not important whether you accomplish your goals but just that you set them.

I agree with the principle but not with the expression of the principle.  If you are setting a goal you don’t anticipate achieving, I think you and your subconscious know this.

Moving From Goals —-> Intentions

These are a set of questions we all wrestle with when asserting intentions and setting goals.

  • So why set something that is related to the end result?  Why not set an intention for the journey?
  • How much time will you spend at the end?  How much time will you spend on the journey?
  • Where is the real value in life?  In the end result, reaching our goals? Or in the time spent on the journey?

How many of you have reached a goal which has not brought you the happiness that you expected?

How many of you have looked back on goals you have set in the past and thought, “Wow, I am sure glad I didn’t get what I thought I wanted  because I am much happier now in this current situation.”  I have done both.

Usually, when we reach our goals, if we ever really do, our desires have moved on to bigger and better things.

We get very little satisfaction out of the result, although the path that brought us there teaches us a great deal about our world and ourselves.

Set your intentions based on your current desires and realize these are only intentions. 

Write them down and imagine that you are planting the seeds of your desires.  Declare your intent to manifest your desires.

Once this is done, place your attention on your intentions.  As you grow, you will develop new desires, and you are free to create new intentions.

You are not abandoning your old intentions.  They brought you to this point.  They served their purpose.  They took you along the path to the exact spot where you needed to arrive to realize your new desire and create your new intention.  You are infinitely creative, truly free!

After you have realized your desire and set your intention, it is important to detach from the outcome.

Spend your energy focusing on the present moment, not fantasizing about the future.  If you are too attached to the outcome, you will miss the subtle hints of opportunity that present themselves along the way.

Every day we have incidents and coincidences  that provide us with the opportunity to move in a more fluid pattern.  If we notice those coincidences and act  on them free from detachment, we will live frictionless, happy lives.

Everything we need to live abundant lives full of joy is presented to us every day.  We just have to realize it and accept it.

We have the habit of trying to remove all the uncertainty out of our lives because of fear of what will happen.  What we are doing instead is creating a path based on fear instead of the path of our desires.  This is the path of unhappiness.

Instead of fearing uncertainty, we need to embrace it!  Uncertainty is fertile ground for new seeds to grow.  Uncertainty is freedom from the past.  Uncertainty is freedom to create.  Uncertainty is the freedom to detach from the results or the outcome and go with the flow.

When you go with the flow, you stop swimming against the current by trying to force your way to your goals.

You gently ride your desire and intention looking for opportunities and new desires, and when you see them, you embrace the new path.

You thank the old path for carrying you this far, and without any regret or attachment to where that path was headed, you set your sights on the fresh fertile ground that now holds your new seeds of desire.

Not worrying where it will end up or how it will work out, you set your intentions and head down the trail.  You just focus on enjoying every step of the way and  noticing the coincidence that opens the next door.

Real Estate investing is about seizing opportunities and using creativity to achieve investing success  via planting intentions.

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