12-real estate investing marketing toolsOne of the most smartest and most efficient ways to grow your  investing business is to find and market to – Motivated Sellers, Buyers, Potential Renters and Investors.  Real Estate Investing Marketing targeted to many different types of leads may even potentially uncover property investments deals long before the general public and real estate agents get their hands on it.

In researching real estate investment marketing I came across a website called Wall Street List. This website is neat and perfect for real estate investors.  They offer the ability to buy data/leads based on credit, mortgage, banking, public records and area. They are in the “list brokerage” business.  This is not an endorsement just a random example I choose to highlight for you REIClub real estate investors.

Common Real Estate Marketing List Parameters

When looking to purchase real estate investing leads or marketing list you should there are common data parameters for lists. Here is a list of the most common list parameters that Wall Street List’s has on their site:

  • Homeowner type
  • Loan type
  • Rate type
  • Fico score modeled / actual
  • Mortgage amount
  • Home value
  • Mortgage date
  • Lender name
  • Lender type
  • Legth of residence
  • Loan to value %
  • Revolving debt load
  • Trade lines
  • Income
  • Age
  • Phones
  • Geographic locations
  • State,county,zip code,area code,city

real estate marketing10 Real Estate Target Marketing Lists

Here is a snap shot of the Wall Street List types of lists or data packages that may be good for real estate investors:


Make a pre-approved offer to either prime or sub prime refinance candidates who have at least one recorded late payment on their mortgage in the past twelve months. Quite often, a late mortgage payment is a sign of impending financial difficulty.


These homeowners have underpaid escrow and have not paid their property taxes.  These homeowners need assistance to get these paid off right away.


This database allows you to target renters with specific: age, income, and length of renting.


These homeowners have deeded with a typical sub prime lender and allow you to hand pick which lenders to go after.  These homeowners have ample equity and seasoning on their first mortgage.


These homeowners are about to have their 228 prepayment penalty time period expire within 90 days.  These homeowner’s rates can adjust by as much as 5% when they adjust.


Mortgage trigger leads are hard inquiries into a person’s credit report generated daily. These consumers have just had their credit checked within the past 7 days, specifically for a mortgage loan approval.


This database contains homeowners with good credit scores, above 640.   These homeowners are quick and easy to the closing table.  Customize this database to fit your requests of ample debt load and equity position to work with.


This data and time stamped data is coming directly from the credit bureau.  This data is an actual snap shot of the homeowners’ credit report.  This data is the highest quality as a result.  Set your exact fico ranges you wish to work with


Our consumer bankruptcy database contains more than 24 million individual and corporate bankruptcy filings, dispositions and current status records. Search by location, date, chapter, status and more.


These homeowners have all deeded with a typical sub prime lender, with modeled fico scores between 520-640.  These consumers have ample equity to work with and respond well to advertisements.

Real Estate Investing Marketing & Advertising

Investors are always asking – How do you build or grow your “list” for marketing and advertising your real estate investing deals or for finding real estate investments? A simple answer to that question is that you may purchase qualified marketing lists that suit your needs from a list brokerage house. In my research I uncovered Wall Street List who caters to the mortgage and banking  businesses but there are many more out there.

Buying a list to grow or establish your real estate investing business via email, direct mail or targeted advertising is a smart play. Be sure to check out REIClub’s many FREE training articles and videos on real estate investing marketing & advertising for more information on creative investing  strategies.

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