“Real estate investor seeks apprentice, 10k a month.” This might sound familiar to some- the token real estate investing advertisement feeding off the ideas of those wanting a piece of a lucrative industry. And it’s well-founded! Real estate investing is a very profitable business but only to a very lucky few does it come in the form of a simple phone call. Investing in real estate requires knowledge and fervor in order to make a serious return. The savvy investor will take advantage of the tools available and exercise every entrepreneurial bone in their body.

There are several avenues to take within the rather large realm of real estate investing. Whether you execute more traditional types of real estate investing such as buying low and flipping or investing in tax liens, there are several profitable routes to take. Another trend forecasted for the coming years is the rise of foreclosure investing. With all the resources available online, foreclosure investing is much easier than once considered. Some services contain listings for foreclosures and tax liens making them a one-stop real estate investment shop.

One truth is that real estate investing will always be a safe bet. With current savings rates as low as they are most investors are scurrying for other investment opportunities. Despite current rumors of the real estate market’s supposed down turn, real estate investing sill provides lucrative profits for those willing to do their homework. Sure, the real estate market may be slow but all these unfounded theories of a crash are better left on the prophesier’s tablet. Certain fluctuations in the real estate market are followed by subsequent market corrections. Whether the entire economy directs these fluctuations or they are triggered by some local cause, there are balances to come.

Look at Florida, for every 10,000 families that leave the sunshine state due to the battering of recent hurricanes there are 15,000 families willing to take their place and bask in the sun. Real estate like any other product of society is still subject to the basic laws of economics- supply and demand. As long as people are seeking to fulfill what Maslow considers one of the most basic and necessary needs then the housing market, and real estate investing, will certainly be a stable sanctuary for your money.

If your passionate about RE Investing, or anything else. Go for it!

*God Speed*

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