Randy, Bob, Doug, Kim & Geri – they ALL DID IT! You betcha – they all closed real estate investing deals and took the time to tell us about their deal and investing strategies used. With profits from $5k – $50K – because of their AWESOMENESS – they all received some REIClub Swag for sharing their investment deals with our subscribers.

We want to celebrate ALL DEALS – Self Storage, Wholesale, Short Sale, Rental, Rehab, Auction or even your Private Lending deal.


Pixabay Image 2097344If you want to be featured & pick up some cool swag – submit online or simply comment below on this post and VIOLA!

Tip:  Please include as many details and specifics as possible. Items you could include: experience level, expected or actual profit, location/pic of the property, how you found the deal, acquisition/financing method, closing method is applicable, what went right, what went wrong, what you learned, exit strategies, etc.

Video & Written Submissions Accepted

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