When you are a new investor it can be hard to cross the starting line.  You bought the course, went to the seminar, paid for the private coaching or mentor to get you over the hump, been pre-approved for a loan,  got a realtor and have been driving around looking at properties. Now what? Bet you are too scared for indecisive to make offers or call a home owner. Sounds familiar right?

That’s like a runner that has been training all year for a competition, shows up at the race and when the gun goes off he freezes. Better yet, here is a better visual, imagine the hurdle races we see in the Olympic games:  The gune goes off- Bang! The runners take off with great speed and when they get to that first hurdle they just freeze…where you able to visualize that?

5 Tips to Overcome Fear & Jitters for New Investors

  1. Visualize The Win – See you self calling a home owner, role play in your head going to the bank, imagine you in your new suit driving up in your new car to meet with potential investors. The point is if you can see it in your brain you can achieve it.
  2. Set a Block of Time for Investing – start with 30 to 1hr a day.  Read your course materials, listen to an audio seminar while driving, check listings, etc. Just make this time INVESTMENT time.  You do this often enough and you no longer will feel like a newbie, because you would have built familiarity with your craft.
  3. Breathe – I know you what you are thinking. Try this, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and take just two deep breathes. Don’t you feel more relaxed? This will help overcome the fear, worry and anxiety associated with calling home owners, waiting to see if your offer was excepted  or if you won the bid.
  4. Partner with a Pro or REIA – I’m not saying go and spends thousands of dollars on coaching, but seek out someone more experienced then you that you can relate to and talk investment talk. REIA’s and their community of investors can help you navigate, and sometimes avoid the pit falls that many newbie investors make.
  5. Do Something Actionable and Tangible– I had a friend, a new investor who was busy all week working on wait for it –buying a printer so she can make her own business cards. I gently gave her a hug, the Vistaprint website url and copy of the local penny saver magazine for her to find some leads in.   I have to constantly be asking my self is the best and highest use of my time and efforts? Will this get me closer to the finish line?  So when my girl calls to invite me to lunch and I have to submit and offer by 1pm I have to say no if I have not completed that task. Even if you think you will be back in time, you will be rushed and trust me stuff always happens.

So don’t be like the hurdler who takes off with speed and gets to the first jump only to freeze. Jump, you just might cross it and you if you don’t it’s okay you know next time jump higher or earlier.

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