For Rent Yard SignI am guilty of this. After I purchased my 3rd house and completed the rehab, I thought I would save some money on real estate leasing fees and commission by putting my own For Rent Yard Sign out front and placing a classified ad in the Sunday Real Estate section of the local newspaper.

I went to Home Depot, you know section, and purchased a Red & White fill in the blank For Rent Yard Sign with the cheap frame. Bought a fresh thick Sharpie and filled in the blanks.

Boy was this the worse idea ever!

I wanted to track all the calls from the yard sign, so I placed a different telephone number on the For Rent Yard Sign. The calls that came from the For Rent Yard Sign were potentially problem tenants. Here are some examples of the type of leads that I responded to the Home Depot For Rent Yard Sign:

Would you take a payment plan on the deposit?

My husband has a sex-offender record, would you rent to us?

I only have child support income and a part time job, would I qualify?

My credit is bad, but I’m current will all my bills, is that okay?

I have an eviction on my record because of my boyfriend, is that a problem?

You get the gist.

What my generic Home Depot For Rent Yard Sign portrayed to potential tenants in the market to lease is the following:

  • I’m maybe an inexperienced investor
  • Possibly a desperate home owner
  • I am not a professional
  • I will probably not run a credit check

Essentially, an easy mark!

To appear more professional, attract quality leads and to save time & money invest in  high quality customized For Rent Yard Signs. There are many sites and even local print shops that will make you in-expensive sign in color and with your name or logo imprinted. This type of sign  is also often called by many other names including: bandit sign, lawn sign, street sign, road sign or a corrugated plastic sign.

My local guy charged me only $20 for a sturdy custom sign with a heavy duty frame.

When I changed out my sign, the quality of my leads increased and I gained instant credibility with the neighbors & potential tenants.

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