It was nice to read that the Real Estate Roundtable, representing the nation’s top real estate ownership, development, lending and management firms, applauded the Obama Administration’s efforts to put Americans back to work by encouraging retrofit projects that will make buildings in our urban and suburban areas more energy efficient.

Let’s face it… there’s no denying that sustainable practices equal profits: for owners and their tenants without sacrificing features, style or comfort (and, if we are going to get this country working again, it’s where the jobs are, too).

4 Easy Green Tips For Real Estate Investors

That said, these tips from ComEd of Illinois encourage owners and tenants to think ahead about saving energy and money on upcoming electric bills:

  1. When shopping for electronics including computers, printers and television sets look for the ENERGY STAR® label and purchase the most affordable energy-efficient unit. Newer, more energy-efficient models can lower monthly operating costs, especially ones with the ENERGY STAR® rated label, can save you more than $100 annually on electric bills.
  2. Harness the power of the sun. Use daylighting techniques to allow natural light to enter the dwelling during the day and save electricity and money. South and west-facing windows are most effective for daylighting.
  3. Install CFLs instead of traditional incandescent bulbs in lamps and light fixtures to save $25 or more per bulb over each bulb’s lifetime.
  4. Activate power management settings on your computer such as the sleep or hibernate modes to turn the unit off when not in use. Taking a few seconds to update the computer’s power management settings can save between $25 and $75 annually for each computer.

Why Is It Important To Go Green?

Let’s see, we have Mother Nature, God or the Universe — take your pick or fill-in-the-blanks as you see fit — providing us with an abundance of Sun and Wind, AND the intelligence and technology to harness it in ways that will create a more sustainable, healthier and productive lifestyle AND it will create what we, as real estate investors always need — JOBS!

So will we ever wake-up?

The time is now to create jobs — lot and lots of jobs.

The time is now to ‘call out’ and “THROW OUT” those in power who deny climate change.

The time is now to recognize energy efficiency, sustainability and GREEN as our ‘Sputnik.’

“President Obama’s ‘Better Buildings Initiative’ sets forth an excellent blueprint to re-employ the construction workforce, modernize our built environment, and help ensure our Nations’ energy security,” said Jeffrey D. DeBoer, President and CEO of The Real Estate Roundtable.

Her further went on to say – “At a time when the real estate sector is still struggling to achieve full economic recovery, incentives to encourage building upgrade projects will leverage private investment, encourage lending, and create well-paying jobs that can’t be exported.”

OK, is there anything more important than “re-employ(ing) the construction workforce, modernize(ing) our built environment, and help(ing) ensure our Nations’ energy security?”

I think not. Enough is enough America. Lose the apathy and get on board already. Do something, and then something else and encourage others to follow along.

FYI… The White House Fact Sheet on the Better Buildings Initiative is available at: Making American Business Green

Invest well. Peace.

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