The real estate industry for the last 100 years has accomplished much. From fair housing to a commitment to diversity and the real estate consumer, the list is one to be proud of. Now, the industry might soon have another great accomplishment to its list: making sustainability a reality.

Recent news shows that leading building owners and investment advisory firms have joined corporate tenants in committing to a statement of principles and a Green Lease Action Plan to resolve the challenges of energy and sustainability in leased commercial office space. Collectively, these organizations own or occupy leased office space in excess of 350 million square feet.

This industry leadership move is launched in association with Greenprint Foundation, a worldwide alliance of real estate owners, investors and financial institutions committed to reducing carbon emissions across the global property industry.

And yes, these buildings, owners and investors will have properties that are much more desirable in the marketplace.

It’s a good feeling to know the industry you support and supports you, is one that helps make a difference in the lives we live each and every day. Kudos to you and the Greenprint Foundation.

Invest well.


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