real estate bandit sign marketing mullinBandit signs are a guerrilla marketing tactic used by politicians, real estate investors and people that “buy junk cars”.  I’ve seen bandit signs for pillows, mattresses, wait loss ideas and even pharmaceuticals.  Legally bandit signs fall in somewhat of a gray area… If you decide to place them, be careful. You can get fined.

Real Estate investors have been using bandit signs for ages.  The most common real estate signs will say “we buy houses” or some version of that. Ours say… and we only post them on properties that we own:) You can find some really great deals for signs at or We have been using them for our rental signs and for sale signs.  18 x 24 corrugated plastic signs go for $2 to $4 depending on the type of step stake, colors, quantity, and if you have text on 1 side or 2.

Ive seen: Houses for rent, House for sale, Rent to own, and Lease option.  I’ve even seen hand written signs that say “old tired real estate investor seeks apprentice”.

Bandit signs are typically hung on wood telephone poles, placed on a step stake in a vacant property or stapled to a boarded up house. The idea is to get motivated sellers or other possible real estate leads to give you call.

The trick is to get them very high on the telephone pole or posted in a vacant lot that wont be mowed or cleaned up. The longer they stay the more views and calls they will get. There are lots of wholesaling businesses that are built on a good guerrilla marketing campaign.

Myself, I like internet marketing. But I will admit that there is plenty of motivated sellers that won’t go online.  When you get calls from your signs be sure to keep track of them in a CRM software like ZOHO or keep a contact spreadsheet to track your campaigns. Keeping meticulous track of your leads is important in any industry.

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