mind success-real estate investingEvery week in our real estate investing discussion forums investors share about the deals that they are working on or about how they just successfully closed on an investment deal. Often times all we hear about or even dream about are the big killer deals that net $50K+ –  when in fact every day people just like you and me are making a killing in real estate investing with “plain ole’ around the corner” deals.

Ever feel like you are so broke your a joke? Or you don’t have enough real estate know-how to put a deal together? Well I am here to tell you STOP THE STINKING THINKING!

Below are 5 Real Estate Investors who found a way to do a real estate deal — some with no experience, bad credit, no money, 2 full time jobs, property in bad neighborhoods and even one found a way to get themselves “paid” to take over a property. Check them out….


Flipping FSBO Distressed Home Success Story

They Paid Me to Buy Their Apartment Complex

How a Philadelphian Made $10K the Easy Way

Took Over Hard Money Loan On Apartment Deal

Fast, Furious & Funded – Wholesale Deal

Flipping Wholesaling Real Estate DealsMost of these were found on our real estate investing success stories page where you can find at least 150+ more investing success stories like these.

Word around town is that most average wholesalers make about $2, 000 – $15,000 on a deal. In my circle of friends –  most of them close about 2 deals a month once they have a system in place.

Fix & Flip Deals often net rehabbers about $15,000 – $65,000, said some of the rehabbers when I asked the consistent and successful ones who have been doing it for 3+ years that attend my local real estate club.

So next time you see that deal or property were you can potentially make $500-$5000 on – don’t pass on it. Just imagine doing 2-3 of those a quarter – $cha-ching$!

Nothing beats a failure but a try,

Camille, REIClub.com Content Manager

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