investing social networksDid you know that has 10 discussion forums just for real estate investors to connect, learn and $earn? Our real estate newsgroups and discussion forums allow real estate investors to chat and share information. Best of all it’s a FREE investing tool.

As an real estate investor in the technological age one good place to network with other real estate investors is in our real estate investing forums. You will get plenty of information from real estate investing forums not to mention you can also get ideas of what other investors are doing with their investment deals. Our forums renowned as a big help to those new investors who are still thinking of how to get started in real estate or those who would like a second opinion on the first few deals they embark on.

What is a Real Estate Investing Forum?

So what exactly is a forum? Basically, a forum is a place online where people could meet and discuss various topics. A forum can also be called a bulletin board, newsgroup or discussion area. The main goal of our investing forum is to provide an area where real estate investors can interact with questions, answers and discuss on a given real estate topic or type of deal. Here is a list and description of REIClub’s investing discussion forums that are open 24/7:

 REIClub Real Estate Investing Discussion Forums

  1.  Carlton Sheets, Beginners, Courses, Gurus, General Forum
    Getting Started / Courses, Books, Events, Authors / General Questions
  2. Bird Dogs, Wholesaling, Flipping Properties Forum
    Bird Dogs, Wholesaling, Assignments, Fliipping Properties, and More
  3. Foreclosures, Short Sales, Tax Foreclosures, Tax Liens Forum
    Foreclosures, Short Sales, REO’s, Preforeclosures, Hud Homes, VA Homes, Tax Sales, Tax Liens, Tax Lien Certificates, Tax Auctions
  4. Sub2, Owner Finance, Options, Lease Options Forum
    Subject to, Owner Finance, Installment Sales, Contract for Deed, Wraps, All Inclusive Trust Deeds, Options, Lease Options, Lease Purchase
  5. Rehabbing, Landlording Forum
    Rehabbing, Contractors, Landlording, Section 8, Tenants
  6. Financing, Hard Money Lenders, Credit, Qualifying
    Hard Money Lenders, Private Lenders, Credit, Qualifying
  7. Asset Protection, Legal and Contract Issues, Income Taxes, 1031 Exchanges
    Entities, Asset Protection, Legal Issues, Contracts, Land Trusts, Quitclaims, Bankruptcy, Performance Mortgage, Income Taxes
  8. Commercial, Mobile Homes, Self Storage, Notes, Land Forum
    Commercial, MultiFamily, Office, Retail, Apartments, Self Storage, Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Parks, Wobbly Boxes, Notes, Cash Flow, Discounted Mortgages, Partials, Tails, Defaulted Paper, Land
  9. Marketing Forum
    Bandit Signs, Direct Mail, Classified Ads, Vehicle Signs, Billboards, Radio, Television
  10. Random Ramblings
    Items not specific to real estate investing

 Major Benefits Real Estate Investing Forums

Benefits of Forums #1: Investors Get Useful Ideas From Other Members

Discussing ideas with various members of the forum makes you learn new things and you also get good ideas from members. There are times that the idea you get from other forum members can be the start of a better deal or a new profit strategy. The beauty of it was you got the tip or feedback for free; and all you did was participated in a forum discussion.

Benefits of Forums #2: It Builds Your Credibility

If you participate in  a online real estate investing forum by asking questions and providing feedback, then investors and other real estate professional will take you seriously. They will say to themselves, “Hey this person is for real. He really knows something about real estate investing.” It’s also a huge confidence booster. Talk about the topic you are an expert in honestly and try to provide sound advice to forum members. In time these forum members will look up to you and see you as the subject matter expert. It makes you a guru in their eyes and also they will trust you and your word. dicussion forums

Participate in our FREE real estate investing forums that cover the gamut of real estate topics including how to get started, Carlton Sheets, Landlording, Lease options, Financing, and many more. Registration takes under 2 minutes- just click the image above to get started – Voila!

Good Luck Networking & Investing!

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