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Here is a quick sample Landlord Letter perfect to use when the first of the month has come & gone and you have not received your agreed upon rent. Your rental agreement and lease agreement should always include a clause  that states exactly when you consider rent to be past due.  In additional

Landlording Helpful Tips

Sample Notice of Past Due Rent



Rent in the amount of dollars ($ insert amount) was due on the day of  <insert due date> for the period of <insert rent month> .

Please bring/mail your payment to the address below by to avoid a $ <insert amount> late fee, or call us immediately. Please disregard this notice if you have already sent us your rent.


, Landlord

Investors, be sure to include all possible ways to reach you: email, cell, address.  In fact, one of the best moves you can make as a Landlord is arrange for automatic direct debit of rent receivables each month using a reputable online company.

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