Improve real estate investing websites reiclub.comYour real estate investing website is a key part of your marketing strategy. If set up properly, your investing website can generate leads for potential buyers, renters, help you connect with sellers and even lenders wanting to work with you.  Buyers, Renters, Bankers, Sellers and Lenders – all will certainly visit your website to learn more about you. Trust me 100% on this fact.

5 Ways To Improve/Set Up Your REI Website

So here are 5 quick and easy ways to make your real estate investing website more effective.

#1: Establish a blog

Setting up a real estate investing blog is the easiest way for you to continually add new content to your website.

And each piece of content you add is another opportunity for someone to do a search (on, etc.) and find your company, flip or deal that you are working on.

Also, your blog posts can be used to show your subject matter credibility, and further prove to prospective customers that you are the best provider in the market.

#2: Promote your blog posts

In addition to adding new blog posts (ideally once per week, and at a minimum twice per month), make sure to promote your posts.

You can promote your posts by posting them on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Your goal is to drive more traffic to your blog posts. Also, try to get visitors to comment and/or ask questions about your posts. And then, respond to their questions and comments.

Finally, remember that each question posed by your visitors may be a great topic for a future blog post.

#3: Create videos

Particularly if you don’t like to write, create videos. Videos that teach prospective customers how to do something are extremely valuable. And they can be used to “soft-sell” your product and/or services.

For example, let’s say you offer carpet cleaning services. A short video teaching people how to tell if their carpet is in need of cleaning would be extremely valuable. And, people who watched it would be prone to purchase your service.

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#4: Add sharing buttons

Particularly if the content on your blog is good, make sure it’s easy for visitors to share it.

You can quickly and easily accomplish this by adding buttons that allow people to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and other social media networks.

This is how blog posts go viral; by making it easy for others to share them.

#5: Make your website mobile and tablet friendly

More and more people are visiting websites from their mobile devices and tablets. But not all website look good on these sources.

Make sure your website does. If it doesn’t, there are some inexpensive services that manage this for you. Such services can tell when a visitor is not coming from a desktop, and will automatically push them to a version of your website (which they create and host) that is more mobile/tablet friendly.


Each of these five tips can be implemented very quickly and easily. And they will result in more customers and sales. So make completing this a priority. You can always get more helpful ideas by reviewing our index of real estate investing articles marketing tips on

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