I had been kicking tires looking for the perfect first time investor property.

An agent who I worked with before, called to invite me to an open house of a small Apartment building. I went and liked what I saw. Enough to consider and talk about making an offer.

But I didn’t know what I was doing and was nervous about making an offer on the building.

Fortunately I had a little help. I had brought two friends with me to the open house. Michele, whom I had just started dating, found my new venture interesting, and she proved to have an intuitive sense about real estate. Fletcher, someone I knew through work, had a Harvard law degree and was a law professor in the Chicago area. He, too, was fascinated with real estate.

The sale price was $85,000. A great deal but I was still indecisive.

My friends’ input made my decision easy. Fletcher stated simply, “If you don’t buy it, I will.”

“You’d be a fool to pass it up,” Michele told me. “If you don’t buy it, our relationship is over.”

We that kind of motivation and support – I did put in an offer.

I eventually bought the building and guess what?

That girl Michelle, three years later I married her.

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