contractor for real estate investments smallOwning an apartment building is more involved than collecting rent each month. Maintenance, repairs, and renovations play a recurring role, making it crucial to have a series of reliable contractors on speed dial. With projects of all types, one or two contractors won’t do. You need an entire team. Below are the seven most important contractors  you will need.


1. Landscapers/lawn companies – Landscapers and lawn companies are responsible for keeping the grounds attractive year round. Look for landscapers who can handle the unique needs of your apartment community whether it be general lawn care, pool cleaning services, tree trimming, or even snow-blowing in the winter.

2. Painters – While the exterior of your apartment building may not need paint frequently, it’s smart to have a regular paint contractor for painting vacant apartments. New tenants will appreciate fresh paint, and you may find that apartments rent faster or tenants take greater pride in their new homes as a result.

3. Roofers – When a roof leaks, you need a roofer ASAP. Having a roof contractor you work with regularly can help ensure that your roofing emergencies will be prioritized.

4. Construction contractors specializing in drywall repair – As much as we’d like to think all departing tenants treat leave apartments in pristine condition, it’s simply not the case. Even the best tenants leave holes in the walls due to wall-mounted TVs and artwork. At the other end of the spectrum, you may find walls with extensive damage due to violent outbursts or vandalism.

 5. Carpet layers and cleaners – Just as a fresh coat of paint can instantly transform a recently vacated apartment, the same is true of new carpeting. Depending on the age and condition of the carpet, you may be able to get away with a good carpet cleaning between tenants. In addition, you’ll want to clean the carpets in common areas frequently.

6. Electricians – Tenants expect apartment buildings to be in good working order at all times, and who can blame them? Having a good electrical contractor is a must whether you’re renovating an apartment building or simply troubleshooting an electrical issue.

7. Plumbers – As an apartment landlord, having a plumber you can count on is a must. Not only is it important from a tenant service perspective, it’s also important from a dollars and cents point of view. After all, if your plumber can repair a plumbing issue before it becomes a major flood, you’ll save yourself both heartache and money.

These seven types of contractors are a must for any apartment landlord. Start building relationships with them now as you will need their services often.


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