03-20-15 - vacation rentalsIt’s going to be tougher to find a unique experience when you visit Vacation Rentals. Once upon a time guests enjoyed the unknown and were willing to discover and experience new people and places while traveling. There was a sense of adventure, which seems to be missing now in the “new” guests.

Now everything is so mundane, and there’s so much sameness in both the hotel and vacation rental experiences.

Once upon a time guests would want to get to know the owner of the vacation rental and actually would read up on who owned the vacation rental and what they did before they became Owners. Each owner had a story to relate to why they decided to open up either a Bed and Breakfast or start a Vacation Rental business.

Now I find for the past 4 years, after being in the business for 15 years, most guests don’t even want to talk to the owners, all they’re interested in is the bottom line, which is the per night rate and how many guests can they get into your vacation rental.

Our new customers are missing out about what it really is to discover new places and houses to stay in via the Vacation Rental and Bed and Breakfast route.

Vacation Rental owners are under pressure to perform like a hotel, which we’re not. We’re much more laid back, in our attitude, after all why is a customer coming to a Vacation Rental in the first place? Why customers came in the past to Vacation Rentals isn’t the same reason about why they’re coming now.

I can only say it’s probably driven by the price points and because a lot of the owners aren’t near their properties, the new “guests” try to get more guests through the door without paying the per person charge, and at the same time don’t want to pay the hotel rates.

I had a person call me just last week asking if I could have 35 people on my cottage rental’s property. I informed them that my insurance doesn’t cover that many people on my property. I never had this type of request in the past. So you see my point about the caliber of guests.

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