Success is an attribute so many desire and yet so few ever accomplish. But what really determines success? Is it a certain dollar amount? Is it having a thriving and loving family of a certain size? What would you say determines success for you?

Many may envision it as a favorable outcome of an action. Others may consider it as a promotion at work, but the one thing that is for certain, is that only can determine that.

In the area of real estate investing, you may have a certain amount of deals you vision closing consistently every single month or a certain amount of profit you want to bring in as being successful. Take a moment and imagine yourself as a Chef for an exclusive restaurant that is thriving with business and repeat customers. What is it that causes the great influx of business, repeatedly like clockwork?

If you said, it is the food, I am sorry to tell you my friend, but you are wrong. It is the RECIPE my folks! You can get chicken, steak, salad, and potatoes anywhere my darlings, but if the recipe isn’t above average then you’ve got to work quadruple as hard to fill those seats.

Like a chef, the real estate investor has many things that need to be included in their recipe and they have to ensure that they do not over do one part of ingredients and lack in another area of it. You need to know how to balance your marketing and advertising, networking, education & training and so much more. They all work together to create a successful investor, but if all of this is going smoothly the following ingredient is what will really crush your competition, to say the least.

In addition to the ingredients above, you must always have quality provisions. To the real estate investor this translates to quality investors that have the funds and /or the means to close on the deals you bring them rather quickly. The more you network at your local real estate investing clubs and within your targeted community the faster, you are able to close the deals you obtain.

Having as many targeted, passionate, and funded investors at your right hand is most definitely one of the top key Ingredients to the successful real estate investor. You must also keep in mind the old adage, “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that if your dealing with serious real estate investors, that those investors have also great friendships and working relationships with other like-minded investors? Imagine what that can do for you, your family and of course your pockets.

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